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Safe, transparent and always client-focussed, GlobMed provides access to the very best private healthcare worldwide.

Who we are
Helping you to better health

As a global healthcare manager, we provide tailored healthcare solutions to deliver the highest quality care for clients, on-demand.

We rely on a dedicated medical consultancy team in the UK, working with a network of international healthcare providers to find our clients the best care they need, wherever it is found.

From Cosmetics to Fertility treatment, from Dental to Orthopaedics surgery, we focus on the right health solutions for each individual on a client-by-client basis, opening up a safe and accessible world of choices under the safety and supervision of the GlobMed network.


GlobMed envisions borderless world-class healthcare, helping to create a healthier global society.

We believe medical expertise is best found globally and we strive towards a future in which every client can access the best quality care whenever they need it. From local-based assessments, tests and pre-op procedures all the way through travel, finance, logistics and aftercare.


GlobMed’s mission is to create a world-leading network of global healthcare providers working hand in hand under standardised practices; throughout countries and cultures and across borders; utilising existing expertise and infrastructure, wherever it is done best. GlobMed seeks to create and improve the global provision and standard of healthcare.

Our Network

GlobMed is set to establish the first truly Global Healthcare Network.

At GlobMed we utilise existing healthcare capacity in one country and match it with unmet demand for healthcare in another. Our global network consists of highly skilled specialists, each with a verifiable track record in their field and following the best worldwide practices and procedures to deliver industry-leading care and healthcare solutions.

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Why GlobMed

GlobMed is your trusted connection to high-quality health practitioners – no matter where they are.

After witnessing patients experiencing life-threatening waiting times for medical treatment via public health systems in the UK and around the world, whilst struggling with accessing healthcare solutions overseas, at GlobMed we decided it was the time to step in, step up and make a difference to the way healthcare is offered, found and delivered.

By taking a global approach, we bring prompt, safe and high-quality healthcare solutions to the UK market.

1. Access to the best private healthcare worldwide
2. You are under our care
3. High-quality assurance

Access to the very best
Private Healthcare Worldwide

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