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Is this an emergency?
If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, this might be a medical emergency:
  • Difficulty breathing, wheezing, severe shortness of breath, or blue discoloration of the lips and face.
  • The child is unresponsive, unconscious, or experiences a sudden change in mental status.
  • Profuse bleeding that cannot be controlled with direct pressure, or bleeding associated with trauma.
  • Severe allergic reaction including difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and throat, hives, and a sudden drop in blood pressure.
  • Choking due to a foreign object blocking the airway.
  • Extensive burns, especially if they cover a large area of the body or involve the face, hands, feet, or genitals.
  • Prolonged seizure (more than five minutes), or recurrent seizures without fully regaining consciousness in between.
  • Significant head trauma, especially if accompanied by loss of consciousness, confusion, persistent vomiting, or changes in behaviour.
  • Prolonged or severe diarrhoea and vomiting, an inability to tolerate fluids, lethargy, sunken eyes, dry mouth, or decreased urination.
  • Intense and persistent abdominal pain, especially if accompanied by fever, vomiting, or severe tenderness.
If you suspect that your child is having a medical emergency, please contact the closest emergency medical services.

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