As a Global Healthcare Manager, we understand that healthcare and medical innovation are developing globally and we remain dedicated to the belief that location and geography should never limit your healthcare options. GlobMed believes in healthcare where it is delivered best. We believe that nothing should be an obstacle to you getting the best medical treatment the world can offer.

Alongside embracing local know-how and medical peer-to-peer networking, our team has devoted countless resources to identify, visit, assess and conduct the necessary due diligence on hundreds of Healthcare Providers across the globe to identify and only work with the best ones.

GlobMed’s destinations are carefully selected based on their installed healthcare capacity and infrastructure, medical expertise, accessibility and degree of experience treating international patients.

London, UK

Ranked n.35 by
Bloomberg Healthcare
Efficiency Index 2018

  • Leading global hub for technology and innovation in medicine and healthcare
  • Home to thousands of world-renowned doctors and scientists coming from all over the world
  • Extensive range and availability of advanced specialist healthcare treatment procedures
  • Served by 6 major airports well connected to most countries across the globe
Milan, Italy

Ranked n. 4 on
Bloomberg Healthcare
Efficiency Index

  • Healthcare capital in Italy with a highly developed and advanced medical sector
  • Numerous state-of-the-art hospitals offering dedicated assistance to foreign patients
  • Many private doctors work regularly in the UK and offer high-quality care at affordable prices
  • Served by 3 major airports and easily accessible from the UK in approximately 2 hours
Istanbul, Turkey

Ranked as the 3rd
most visited country for
medical tourism by IMTJ 2020

  • Undisputed medical tourism capital in the world
  • Internationally accredited doctors, dentists and surgeons trained under universally recognised guidelines and standards
  • Significant availability and variety of medical procedures of different quality and prices
  • Served by 2 major airports and easily accessible from the UK in approximately 4 hours
Barcelona, Spain

Ranked n.3 on
Bloomberg Healthcare
Efficiency Index 2018

  • The designated medical tourism capital of Spain
  • Highly developed multi-disciplinary private healthcare infrastructure using advanced medical technologies
  • Internationally renowned for treating hundreds of thousands of overseas patients every year
  • Served by 1 major airport and easily accessible from the UK in approximately 2.5 hours
Athens, Greece

Ranked n. 14 on
Bloomberg Healthcare
Efficiency Index 2018

  • The leading city for healthcare in Greece with premium facilities
  • Advanced equipment for medical tests and treatments
  • Doctors and surgeons are trained in the UK or US and offer very competitive prices
  • Served by 1 major airport and easily accessible from the UK in approximately 3.5 hours

In line with our mission to facilitate the provision of the most effective on-demand healthcare solutions in the world, we are in the process of building our Global Healthcare Network.

By 2024 we aim to identify and work with over 200 healthcare providers based in over 20 countries across the globe.


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