How It Works

We guarantee our clients access to the care they need, under our due diligence, safety and supervision.

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1. Book Your Consultation

We assign you a personal healthcare manager to understand your needs, guide you through our process and discuss how we will help you access the right specialist or treatment based on your particular circumstances, preferences and budget.

You can do this by filling in our quick online questionnaire.

2. We Set Things In Motion

Once we understand your needs and treatment requirements, your healthcare manager will identify and liaise with doctors, specialists and healthcare providers within our network of thousands of doctors to identify what is truly needed to help treat the source of the condition or illness.

We will then provide you with the best available treatment options in the UK or abroad.

We aim to keep our advice and opinions transparent and straightforward. You will be making a final informed decision and establish when, where and by whom you want to be treated.

3. Get Treated And Benefit From End-To-End Support

From local-based assessments, tests and pre-operative procedures all the way to treatment, finance, logistics and aftercare, we will oversee and support you throughout every step of the journey.

We work for you and are always ready to step in, whenever you need us.

How Do GlobMed’s Payments And Fees Work?

You can use GlobMed's solutions exclusively when needed, with no requirement to commit to recurring payments, premiums or subscriptions.

Our fees are simple and transparent: we charge a £25 one-off fee to onboard you, create your healthcare file and take on your case.

Once you agree on and pay for a treatment plan, we act on your behalf. We make payments to healthcare providers, safeguarding your finances and interests. We make sure that healthcare providers understand you are under GlobMed’s umbrella.

Access GlobMed’s Extensive Network Of Specialists

At GlobMed, we stake our reputation on providing you with access to trusted healthcare providers and specialists at prices you can afford

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