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At GlobMed, we make your healthcare experience as smooth and stress-free as possible by sourcing and facilitating access to the best healthcare solutions in the UK and overseas.

From connecting you with the most suitable specialist for your needs to dealing with logistics arrangements and pre/post-op procedures, our Healthcare Managers leave you with the peace of mind of being in the best available hands at all stages of your healthcare journey.

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1 Book a Free Consultation with a Healthcare Manager to learn more about GlobMed’s On-Demand Healthcare services process, advantages and cost structure. To do this, sign up through our website's automated sign-up section or request a call from one of our customer service representatives.

2 After GlobMed has been instructed to procure healthcare solutions based on each client’s specific needs, the Healthcare Manager will send a Healthcare Management Agreement, Medical Records Release Form and Medical Authority Form to be completed and signed.

3 Following the receipt of the signed agreements, GlobMed requires all clients to pay an instruction deposit of £250, which will be deducted from the overall cost of any subsequent treatment(s).

We rapidly find and match you with the best available specialist.

1 A UK-based GP, part of the GlobMed Network will confirm and complement the initial assessment made by the Healthcare Manager. GlobMed will then create a Patient Global Health File, which contains all of the Patient’s relevant medical data.

2 The Healthcare Manager will identify and engage with suitable Healthcare Providers part of the GlobMed Network in accordance with the Client’s needs and individual requirements.

3 The Healthcare Manager will then present a range of tailored healthcare solutions through a Healthcare Providers Report and a follow-up video consultation.

4 Upon receiving client confirmation of their selected healthcare solution, the Healthcare Manager will liaise with the Healthcare Provider to create a treatment plan to confirm costs, timeframes, treatment procedure, and other relevant details.

5 Before initiating the treatment plan, GlobMed will require Clients to complete payment for the requested healthcare services in accordance with a proforma invoice reflecting the professional fees of the Healthcare Provider.

We arrange pre/post procedures
and all logistics involved.

1 Prior to treatment, the Healthcare Provider will arrange an in-person or virtual consultation (depending on suitability and client mobility) to assess any of the Client’s additional details and requirements.

2 The treatment plan will be finalised and agreed upon with the Client, the Healthcare Provider, the Healthcare Manager, and any Third-Party Healthcare Providers involved. The Healthcare Manager will be overseeing the process at all times and will be the consistent point of contact for the client throughout.

3 The Healthcare Manager and the Client will start preparation for treatment, which may include travel, logistics, insurance, medical tests, and more.

4 Upon completion of the treatment (aftercare services may be involved as part of the treatment), a final consultation with the Healthcare Manager will be arranged to confirm that everything is in good order and to address any feedback the client may have.

5 Through our Healthcare Management System, GlobMed will keep track of the Client’s potential healthcare needs for the future.


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