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When it comes to health, we believe that everyone should be able to access the very best treatment that global private medicine can offer.

At GlobMed, we understand that your health is your main concern and priority, and you should not have to worry or invest time in researching and making arrangements for your treatment; for this reason, we are committed to providing all our clients with a smooth and stress-free experience that goes beyond the sole provision of healthcare solutions.

Our partnerships with telemedicine, travel, insurance and finance companies facilitate access for our clients to any support service needed before, during and after their healthcare journey.


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In partnership with The GP Service

High-speed communication and evolving new technologies are increasingly helpful in connecting clients, doctors and healthcare support professionals.

Although GlobMed is not a telemedicine company per se, we believe that integrating telemedicine solutions into our in-person doctor-patient philosophy can improve the way we deliver our service.

Whether you need a quick health assessment or urgent care, you can access online consultations with GMC registered UK-based doctors through our third-party telemedicine partner.


In partnership with Ison Travel.

Going abroad for medical treatment, especially if it is your first time, might appear like an overwhelming experience.

Nevertheless, if the most suitable healthcare solution for your needs is outside the UK, being unfamiliar with this practice should not deter you from going ahead with your trip; you deserve to receive the best treatment and care, wherever in the world.

From airport pick-ups to accommodation referrals and beyond, we will have everything sorted through our third-party travel agency partner.


In partnership with Medical Travel Shield

When seeking private healthcare, it can be difficult trying to work out which insurance plan fits you the best.

In particular, if you are travelling outside the UK for medical treatment, having specialised travel cover is a vital part of your trip.

Through our third-party insurance partner, you can access specialised medical travel insurance packages tailored to patients travelling abroad for Dental Treatment, Cosmetic surgery, Elective surgery or IVF/Fertility treatment.


The most basic research into private healthcare will uncover that the cost is what deters most people from undertaking this option. But is it really worth risking satisfaction and a certain level of quality, all over cost? Can you afford to lose such benefits?

At GlobMed, we understand that finances are the last thing you want to think about when you need medical attention, which is why we are looking to support our clients when it comes to the cost of medical unanticipated circumstances.

We are working hard to provide you access to tailor-made healthcare finance, designed to meet your specific requirements, as and when needed. Please hold on with us, we will have a solution shortly.

Our No Fee Guarantee

At GlobMed, we do not charge a commission or receive any financial advantage from any of our support services partners. All our support services are intended for the sole benefit of our clients.

We are always on the lookout for any additional third-party support services that can complement our mission to provide UK clients with a seamless all-inclusive healthcare experience at the best value, quality and timeframes.

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