The ethos of sustainability is embedded within our DNA. Our vision, purpose and strategy are all consistent with building a healthcare company that is a positive force for change in the world and directly benefits individuals, society and humanity

In order to achieve this, we recognise that our people are vital to our long-term success. We aim to constantly attract, retain and develop the highest calibre of people at GlobMed, who are committed to our vision and purpose.

To maintain our focus on sustainability and to continually monitor our progress against our targets, we have a Sustainability Team that meets monthly. This team is led by the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for our rigorous Sustainability Strategy as well as ensuring that it is aligned with the company’s vision, purpose and strategy.

At GlobMed, we support the UN Sustainability Development Goals, directly contributing to Goal 3, as well as playing a role in improving Goals 5, 10, 12 and 15 through our work with our stakeholders.


As a Global Healthcare Manager, we aim to positively impact not just society, but the planet and the wider world. To demonstrate this commitment, we are working towards being a carbon-neutral company by 2025.

Environmental issues are key decision criteria when selecting partners to work with overseas; as an international company, we stand by our belief that we have a duty to adapt and change for the good of the global community.

Our virtual medical care options offer an eco-friendly solution to accessing medical help without the need for unnecessary trips. We are excited to develop this further and constantly innovate the potential that online health care possesses.


Our social contribution is a core element of our vision to bring borderless world-class healthcare on a global level to everyone that needs it, further enhanced by our commitment to our people, as well as our international partners.

We have developed a comprehensive strategy that supports our purpose and creates a safe, transparent environment for all our employees to achieve their potential. Our Diversity, Equality & Inclusion policy is a vital element of our people strategy.

As an international company, we are committed to employing anti-discriminatory practices for our clients, employees and partners worldwide. It is one of our core values to actively embrace and sustain the concept of inclusive healthcare.


GlobMed is committed to complying with all the legislation, codes of practice and regulations that apply to our company and our industry, no matter where in the world we operate. Our Leadership Team is devoted to managing GlobMed responsibly, ethically, fairly and with complete transparency and we expect all our stakeholders to operate to the same standards.

The governance of all our activities is the responsibility of our Executive Team and is reviewed by our Advisory Board.

Working on a global scale, we understand our duty to forge ethical working relationships with our partners. We believe that the services we provide contribute economically and socially to the countries in which we operate, benefiting them in the short, medium and long term. We actively listen to our clinics and healthcare partners to make sure our network of practitioners is built on ethical practices.


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