The experience to make a difference

Our team is made up of tech-enabled, global healthcare managers bringing together skills from a variety of backgrounds and industries, with one common goal: to become a game-changer in global healthcare for the future good of our clients.

GlobMed’s organisational structure is flat and simplified, in order to achieve maximum flatness and transparency. Our team is committed to one simple objective: to provide effective healthcare solutions to our clients, and to competently support our partners.

Paolo Aliatis
Co-founder - Operations
David Soffer
Co-founder - Digital
Armend Latifi

Board Members

Our board will be revealed in 2022. At GlobMed we are constantly searching for world-class healthcare, operational and finance professionals with extended experience to join our board. Board members should be able to use their experiences and career expertise to counsel and contribute insight to the GlobMed team, and help enforce only the highest of standards to our clients.

Our Culture

In the Globmed family, we abide by six simple rules:

  1. Be Yourself. Don’t go along to get along. We think independently and improve constantly.
  2. Be Healthy. Health is the real wealth. We choose to live healthy in body and mind.
  3. Be Happy. Real happiness lies within ourselves. We want to be surrounded by happy people with positive mindsets.
  4. Live by your principles. Integrity leads to principles, and principles lead to character. We achieve our goals by working with honesty and integrity.
  5. Don’t waste. Resources are limited, and life is time plus energy. We operate with a lean mindset.
  6. Move fast. It’s not anymore the big that eats the small, but the fast who eats the slow. We understand a dynamic market requires prompt solutions.
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