Working towards a common goal.

Our team comprises battle-hardened entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and tech-enabled business executives bringing together skills from a variety of backgrounds and industries, with one common goal: to become a game-changer in global healthcare.

GlobMed’s organisational structure is flat and simple; we focus on the task at hand and leave the virtue signalling, unnecessary bureaucracy, and complexity aside.

Our team is committed to one simple objective: to provide effective healthcare solutions to our clients, and to competently support healthcare providers.

Paolo Aliatis

Paolo has a deep understanding of international operations, stemming from almost two decades of experience as founder and CEO of different companies with a portfolio ranging from property to pharmaceutical distribution.

David Soffer

David studied Biomedical Sciences and worked at Stanmore Orthopaedic Hospital. He ended up pursuing his passion for business by creating one of the most successful tech magazines in the UK and co-founding a thriving digital marketing company.

Armend Latifi

Armend has over a decade of experience developing high-performing web applications using top-notch technologies and transforming ideas from consulting phase to development and deployment.

Chiara Francini
Product Manager

Graduated in Global Marketing, Chiara is responsible for the creation, delivery and marketing of GlobMed’s concept throughout the product lifecycle.

Daniela Offredi
Public Relations

Graduated in Psycho-Social Communication Sciences, Daniela is responsible for the discovery, management and development of key relationships with partners, suppliers and investors.

Ohana Naidu
Legal and Compliance Executive

Graduated in Law, Ohana works alongside external legal advisors to help build GlobMed’s foundational legal structure and corporate governance structure.

Maria Tsalpatourou
Healthcare Researcher

Graduated in Biomedical Sciences, Maria brings her knowledge about healthcare to support the marketing team in the development of GlobMed’s concept.

Saloni Tangal
Graphic Designer

Graduated in Graphic Design, Saloni runs her own design studio called Design Gambit offering services from branding, marketing to website design. She designed our brand's consumer-facing website along with marketing materials.

Board Members

Our Non-Executive Advisory Board provides high level intellectual and strategic guidance to the team while helping us shape our strategy, steer our direction and hold us accountable to our mission.

Dr Hany Abi Ghosn
Dr Hany Abi Ghosn
Global Healthcare
Vasant Dattani
Vasant Dattani
Ivo Knottnerus
Ivo Knottnerus
Digital Transformation & Customer Engagement
Paul Drake
Paul Drake
Sue Peden
Sue Peden
UK Healthcare
Mark Stephenson
Mark Stephenson
International Operations
Hugh Morris
Hugh Morris
Business Development
Fergus Graham
Fergus Graham

Our Culture

In the GlobMed family, we abide by six simple rules:

  1. Be Yourself.Don’t go along to get along. We think independently and improve constantly.
  2. Be Healthy. Health is the real wealth. We choose to live healthy in body and mind.
  3. Be Happy. Real happiness lies within ourselves. We want to be surrounded by happy people with positive mindsets.
  4. Live by your principles. Integrity leads to principles, and principles lead to character. We achieve our goals by working with honesty and integrity.
  5. Don’t waste. Resources are limited, and life is time plus energy. We operate with a lean mindset.
  6. Move fast. It’s not anymore the big that eats the small, but the fast who eats the slow. We understand a dynamic market requires prompt solutions.

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