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From fertility to dental, from paediatrics to oncology, access medical specialists at a price you can afford.

We understand how healthcare works.

Access our network, find the right specialist/treatment and enjoy our healthcare managers end-to-end support, whenever it is Needed.

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How it Works

Book your consultation with one of our healthcare managers, to establish your healthcare needs and requirements.
We will review your case and identify the best specialist or treatment suited for your needs, in the UK or overseas.
Get treated while we oversee and coordinate your treatment every step of the way, from diagnosis to aftercare.
wherever it is
done best
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"After years of seeking solutions for our daughter's complex medical condition to no avail, GlobMed found the answer."

Carenza Cadney

Why GlobMed

Fast-track access to healthcare without waiting lists

Fast-track access to healthcare without waiting lists

No premiums, no subscriptions and affordable pricing

No premiums, no subscriptions and transparent pricing

Trusted network of over 1,000 world-class doctors and specialists

Trusted, world-leading network of Healthcare Providers

Access the best prices with GlobMeds’ Price Promise

Access the best prices with GlobMeds’ Price Promise

Personalised solutions from diagnosis to treatment to aftercare.

Personalised solutions from diagnosis to treatment to aftercare

Access to treatment for pre-existing, recurring and complex conditions

Access to treatment for pre-existing, recurring and complex conditions

Our Medical Specialties

As a global healthcare manager, we rely on a dedicated medical consultancy team in the UK, working with a network of UK accredited international healthcare providers to find our clients the best care they need. GlobMed provides finance and healthcare solutions, wherever it is done best.

Looking for other medical specialties?

Our Health+ Programmes

Our 12/24 week programmes are designed and tailored by medical professionals to identify, address and optimise the way your body systems operate and interact, aiming to prevent and address up to 70% of healthcare conditions.

When to use GlobMed

  • If you are struggling to find and access the right medical treatment immediately.
  • If you are looking to be treated by world-class specialists at an affordable price.
  • If you don’t want to risk falling into the hands of low-grade medical care abroad.
  • If you want advice on which specialist is best for your personal healthcare needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

GlobMed’s services can be used by any UK resident or citizen in need of healthcare and medical solutions.

We are based in London (UK) but our network of healthcare providers extends to 4 globally renowned medical destinations, including Milan (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

After witnessing millions of people struggling to access treatment in the UK, GlobMed was created to provide quick, affordable access to personalised and quality healthcare solutions, wherever it is done best.

Whether you have a complex, rare, pre-existing or recurring health condition, if you are looking for a second opinion on your current diagnosis and can’t find the right doctor or treatment or you simply want to improve your health and appearance; we are here to help you access healthcare wherever done best. 

As soon as you instruct us to find and procure healthcare solutions on your behalf, our healthcare managers will take over your case and run it through multiple healthcare providers and doctors within our network so we can identify the most suitable option for you. From diagnosis to treatment to recovery; we coordinate all logistics and bureaucracy involved, making access to healthcare simple, expeditious and affordable for all that need it.

Excellent doctors are found all over the world. Our destinations are selected based on their installed healthcare capacity, infrastructure, medical expertise, accessibility and degree of experience treating international patients. Options will be provided to GlobMed clients, depending on multiple factors including the medical expertise of a specific partner in a specific destination, budget and familiarity of the client with a particular destination.

Nevertheless, we will always try to find the right solutions for each and every one of our clients within the UK. We do not have a specific or particular interest in sending clients abroad. It is often simply the case that it is easier, faster and cheaper to find healthcare abroad, but the UK will always remain the first option.

At GlobMed, we only work with well-established and accredited Healthcare Groups as well as renowned doctors and specialists who prioritise their brand, reputation and patients’ satisfaction over quick profits. Our strong relationships with healthcare providers and our no conflict of interest policy and price promise policy ensure that client well-being and interests are prioritised at all times and without compromise.

Our clients hire GlobMed’s services exclusively, without any requirement or obligation to commit to recurring payments, premiums or subscriptions. Our fees are simple: You pay £25 for your discovery consultation and thereafter you simply pay for your treatment or procedure when required.

Although some procedures and treatments can be covered by insurance companies or even the NHS, even when carried out abroad (we will let you know when this applies) our services are mostly focused to serve self-paying clients.

Remember that accessing healthcare through GlobMed does not increase your cost by a penny more than if you were to access the same treatment or service directly.

Sadly there are no guarantees in healthcare, neither in the UK or abroad. For example, in 2018/19, NHS England paid out £2.36 billion in medical negligence claims from its overall annual budget of £129 billion. In an annual report in 2021/22, the NHS received 15,078 new claims for medical negligence.

At GlobMed, we understand the potential risks associated with medical procedures and treatments and have selected the best healthcare providers out there. We will always stand by our clients' side and provide legal and logistical support whenever needed.

We also have an established relationship with medical travel insurance companies meaning that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong in any way, be it abroad or in the UK, with GlobMed, you will be covered up to £2 million. This is yet another unique and advantageous reason to access healthcare through GlobMed.

Under the GlobMed umbrella, you can access discounted lab tests, medical imaging services, medical travel insurance, GP appointments, and numerous other advantages when it comes to healthcare services. The larger the volume of clients we assist in accessing healthcare, the greater our negotiation power becomes. This enables us to secure increasingly significant discounts and perks for our clients. It's as simple as that.
Access world-class doctors and specialists at an affordable price under GlobMed’s umbrella.
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