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At GlobMed, we provide access to quality care within reasonable timeframes by utilising existing and untapped private healthcare capacity in one country and matching it with unmet demand for healthcare in another.

As we stand by the belief that all the best doctors across the globe are interconnected, we have built a Multidisciplinary Team of Healthcare Providers that promotes the coordination of skills, expertise and opinions for the benefit of our clients.

At the same time, our Peer to Peer Referrals Programme invites all world-class medical professionals to recommend to us the top 3 doctors that they deem to be the best in their areas of speciality.

Our UK-based network of doctors, medical consultants and laboratories support pre-and post-treatment care as required, working hand in hand with our international network of Healthcare Providers to ensure clients receive the most efficient and effective care anywhere in the world.

Our Team effortlessly manages all logistic issues, allowing our medical partners to focus on what they do best: providing world-class healthcare solutions.

We are always on the lookout for Healthcare Providers in all corners of the world who share our values and understand the importance of safety and the provision of only the very best quality of healthcare solutions.

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Advantages for Healthcare Providers Working with GlobMed

Tap into the UK market: 6th biggest world economy, 66 million inhabitants, per capita income of USD 41,100.
Gain direct access to a standardised flow of hundreds of thousands of clients in need of private healthcare treatment.
Spend less time dealing with marketing, finance and admin work and more time providing healthcare and delivering medical care.
Our Healthcare Managers take care of all pre and post-treatment customer service and patient concerns.
Our local GlobMed Representatives provide all clients with exclusive in-person support whilst on their journey with GlobMed.
Gain unique access to our Global Health File, consolidating all of our client’s healthcare data.
Maximise your revenue without extra investment and let us deal with all transactional activities.
Get paid through one monthly invoice, including all GlobMed’s clients' consumption.

Through partnerships, acquisitions and technology, GlobMed is set to establish the first truly Global Healthcare Network.

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