"Data from the NHS waiting lists show that over 35,000 UK patients in need of trauma and orthopaedic surgery wait more than a year for treatment."


Orthopaedics encompass all areas of the musculoskeletal system and the supporting structures around it, from bones to joints and soft tissues (ligaments, tendons and nerves). An orthopaedic doctor, surgeon or specialist typically treats commonly related conditions, from joint pain to bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, back and neck pain, shoulder pain problems, sports injuries, congenital disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome and a lot more besides.

At Globmed, we work with several Orthopaedic doctors, surgeons, and specialists worldwide, operating from word-class clinics with the necessary infrastructure to provide expedient solutions to our clients. With other aspects of our life increasingly ‘on demand’, there is no reason why the very highest quality healthcare should not also be available quickly, efficiently and safely.

Some conditions deserve expeditious treatment without the pain and frustration of having to wait.

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Why Should I Visit an Orthopaedic Doctor?

Pain or discomfort of the joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and nerves usually drive people and patients to visit an orthopaedic doctor or surgeon. Usually, they can help the patient and get them on the road to recovery.

Of course, some are willing to keep pushing through their daily lives with the pain or discomfort they may be experiencing. Still, when these symptoms get in the way of performing everyday tasks, it is usually a significant indicator that a doctor needs to be consulted.

An orthopaedic doctor can examine and consult with you to diagnose the cause of your symptoms with a treatment plan/method that suits your lifestyle.

Benefits of Seeing an Orthopaedic Doctor

What to Expect

Read more about the most popular
Orthopaedics procedures and how we can help.
Elbow-Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow can occur in anyone, not just those who play tennis or golf. This condition is related to the repetitive strain of gripping and twisting your forearm, wrist and hand, all of which are connected in various anatomical ways. Tendons from your forearm cause this condition inflamed and irritated, leading to pain symptoms upon gripping or moving the elbow.

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Foot and Ankle

GlobMed is able to assist with a wide range of foot and ankle procedures and surgeries, including replacements and reconstructions.

Hand and Wrist (Arthritis)

Arthritis of the hand and fingers can significantly impact your everyday life by causing intense pain, impeding the ability of sufferers to perform previously easy and daily activities. GlobMed is always working hard to bring you leading hand surgeons expertise in arthritis treatment.

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Hip and Knee

Hip and knee problems can be caused by a plethora of issues including bones, tendons and ligaments. GlobMed can assist in finding the best specialists for hip and knee procedures.


GlobMed has a network of world-leading upper limb and shoulder surgeons ready to help you combat your shoulder problems and pain.


Experiencing spinal problems and/or discomfort at any age can be concerning. Facet, sacroiliac and piriformis joint injections, among other treatments usually offered to patients experiencing issues in the joints, spine or surrounding areas.

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