Frequently Asked Questions

GlobMed is the world’s first Global Healthcare Manager. We act on behalf of clients to facilitate the procurement of healthcare services. We enable clients to make informed decisions based on extensive quality control and safety reporting.

GlobMed taps into the unlimited resources and infrastructure of healthcare professionals worldwide. By going beyond local offerings, which may not be the best solution for client needs, GlobMed expands the availability of healthcare solutions to clients.

GlobMed’s services can be used by any UK resident or citizen in need of healthcare and medical solutions.

GlobMed is not a medical tourism agency or a commercial office working on behalf of a specific healthcare provider. We are a Global Healthcare Manager working on behalf of our clients to procure healthcare wherever it is done best.

Everyone at GlobMed understands the importance and responsibility expected when engaging with high-quality healthcare. By relying on a UK-based medical consultancy team working hand-in-hand with world-leading healthcare providers across the globe, we bring a new borderless approach to healthcare, providing access to treatment when you need it, at the best value and with a personalised touch.

At GlobMed, we always endeavour to provide the best value for all clients, without increasing overall treatment costs.

Our ongoing relationships with healthcare providers ensure our clients get access to treatment at the best possible price. Our no conflict of interest policy stipulates that we recommend the best healthcare provider, not the one that costs the most. Our fees are always transparent, straightforward and amount to a fraction of the treatment cost.

GlobMed is based in London (UK) but our network of healthcare providers extends to 4 globally renowned medical destinations, including Milan (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

At GlobMed, we only work with well-established and accredited Healthcare Groups as well as renowned doctors and specialists who prioritise their brand, reputation and patients’ satisfaction over quick profits. Our no conflict of interest policy ensures our clients’ wellbeing and interests are prioritised at all times and without compromise. Healthcare Providers are recommended based on client needs and instruction, and in accordance with an agreement with the Client. Such information is then passed to the client in a Healthcare Provider Report to enable the client to make an informed decision.

GlobMed is subject to the Data Protection Act and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. The safety of our clients and quality of work is our priority and part of our ethos. More information can be found in our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy.

GlobMed offers all contractual payments to be made in the UK. We are also in the process of partnering with a third-party consumer finance company to enable our clients to finance their healthcare solutions if needed.

All our medical destinations (London, Milan, Barcelona, Istanbul and Johannesburg) are selected based on their installed healthcare capacity, infrastructure, medical expertise, accessibility and degree of experience treating international patients.

Depending on the procedure, and the client’s specific instruction, we work with third-party UK-based practitioners to establish a treatment plan. For specific procedures, there will be a review conducted by UK-based practitioners, but a referral is not necessarily required for consultations.

Depending on the solutions and treatments required, consultations may be included in full package procedures or charged separately, all of which will be clarified before any commitment is made.

All consultations will be based on medical requirements decided by healthcare professionals.

If you need a quick health assessment or urgent care, you can access online consultations with GMC-registered UK-based doctors through our third-party telemedicine partner The GP Service.

We are in the process of building partnerships with finance companies that can provide our clients with access to tailor-made finance solutions, designed to meet their specific requirements, as and when needed.

GlobMed is currently only focused on serving clients residing in the UK due to insurance and legal reasons. If you are outside of the UK as an existing GlobMed client and require medical solutions, we can assist you, regardless of your location.

Unfortunately, we do not offer emergency treatment. However, once a client comes on board with us, we can act quickly and try to help our clients to identify the right solution. For urgent consultation please use our telemedicine partner The GP Service.

Yes, through our third-party insurance partner, you can access specialised medical travel insurance packages tailored to patients travelling abroad for dental treatment, cosmetic surgery, elective surgery or fertility treatment. The insurance plan will be included in our service fee.

Yes, we aim to improve the travel experience for our clients through our third-party travel agency partner Ison Travel.

Yes, we will always stand by our clients’ side and provide legal and logistical support whenever needed. At GlobMed, we understand the possible risks associated with medical procedures and have chosen only the best possible Healthcare Providers to be part of our network.

GlobMed is not private medical insurance, although we are in the process of working with various medical insurance companies to start offering third-party services to clients.



We will provide regular reports and consultations to our clients, who can inform their GP directly.

Access medical solutions and achieve your health goals.

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