Frequently Asked Questions

GlobMed is the first Global Healthcare Manager. At GlobMed, we bridge the gaps between public health and the lack of private infrastructure and private healthcare on offer in the UK by working with the best doctors across the world, arranging every detail involved to provide the best healthcare solutions to our clients.

GlobMed taps into unlimited sources of healthcare professionals worldwide and infrastructure, and it doesn't limit clients to local offerings that may not be the best solution for their needs. As a result, we increase the availability of healthcare solutions to our clients.

GlobMed is available for and can be used by anyone. We believe in global private medicine in which we can help anyone who is in need. There is no place for any discrimination at GlobMed.

GlobMed can help you find solutions to your healthcare requirements and take care of any needs with our "on-demand" services. Alternatively, our menu offers off-the-shelf services as we partner with the best global doctors in the world.

GlobMed can help you outside the UK as if you were inside the UK through our global network of partners. As we are already in the UK, it is easier to see our clients and work with local doctors to establish the best treatments and procedures for our clients worldwide. You can always access GlobMed's services, regardless of your location.

Yes, we offer video consultations through partners and doctors. Currently, video consultations will mostly be in English, but we are setting up a network of professionals speaking over 20 different languages.

GlobMed is subject to the Data Protection Act. The safety of our clients and quality of work is our priority and part of our ethos.

GlobMed offers all contractual payments to be made in the UK. We also work with financing partners to help our clients finance their healthcare solutions whenever they require them.

Although the primary concern at GlobMed will never be 'low prices,' we always work closely with partners to find the best value for our clients. We do not believe in the 'low-cost service' concept regarding healthcare.

Depending on the procedure, we always work with UK doctors to establish a plan. There will be a review by UK-based doctors for a referral for specific procedures, but it is not necessarily required for consultations.

Depending on the solutions and treatments required, consultations may be included in full package procedures or charged separately, all of which will be clarified before any commitment is made.

GlobMed is not private medical insurance, although we are in the process of working with various medical insurance companies to start offering services to clients.

Yes – please have a look at our "Finance" page.

GlobMed operates in the UK, most European countries and India.

Unfortunately, we do not offer emergency treatments. However, once a patient comes on board with us, we can work with our partners and refer clients to the NHS or otherwise to investigate what options and advice can be given to proceed in the best way for each client.

GlobMed does not provide travel insurance, although we work with travel partners to improve the travel experience for our clients whenever they travel for procedures or treatments.

We will provide regular reports and consultations to our clients, who can inform their GP directly.

We always work with world-class doctors and private clinics. They are vetted by their local laws, authorities and governing bodies. Alternatively, our clinical governance follows the same NHS guidelines to identify our clinical partners. In addition, we carry in-depth background checks of our partners before becoming part of GlobMed, as we understand the importance and exclusivity of high-quality healthcare.

Yes, we always have our head of medical and team of doctors ready to jump in and help if anything does go wrong in aftercare and/ or treatments.

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