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With a population of 59 million, South Africa has one of the strongest economies in sub-Saharan Africa. Johannesburg is not only the largest city in the country and the chief industrial and financial metropolis but also the wealthiest and most developed city on the African continent, with a similar culture and healthcare system as the UK.

Johannesburg is served by 2 major airports and is accessible from the UK in approximately 11 hours.

Healthcare Data: Key Facts

The world’s 1st human-to-human heart transplant operation was performed in South Africa

Infection rates in South African hospitals compare favourably with those of the NHS in the UK

With 92 doctors working in the private sector per 100,000 population, South Africa’s doctor-to-patient ratio corresponds to 60% of the world average

Healthcare Insights

With a rapidly evolving private healthcare sector, South Africa has one of the most dynamic health sectors in the world and Johannesburg has the best hospitals and medical infrastructure in southern Africa. An estimated 80% of doctors work in the private system, serving about 20% of the population, primarily middle-class and upper-class families, as well as international patients. Johannesburg is a popular destination for affordable high-quality treatments in the fields of Aesthetic Medicine, Fertility, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Dentistry and Organ Transplantation.

The relatively weak local South African currency makes the cost of high-tech services more affordable for patients paying in a hard currency like the Pound Sterling. At the same time, quality is assured using Patient Reported Outcome Measures and tracking similar measurements that the NHS uses, such as short-term complication rates, length of stay and return to theatre rates.

The GlobMed network in Johannesburg can provide our clients with access to native-English speakers medical professionals, delivering a Healthcare approach and structure similar to the ones found in the UK, at an affordable price, at world-class standards and with a structured system to keep track of medical outcomes data.

Why choose Johannesburg?

Clinical excellence and a similar healthcare system to the UK but more affordable treatments

Premium facilities and advanced equipment for medical tests and treatments

Doctors and surgeons are native English speakers

Cost Comparison

The graph below compares the costs of popular medical treatments between the UK and South Africa, taking into account the average prices (in £) offered by private healthcare providers in each country.

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