The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health reports that the UK is lagging far behind other high-income countries in terms of children’s health and well-being.


Being able to access high-quality paediatric care during childhood is extremely important for your child’s development as it lays the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, and health. In order to reach their full potential, children need appropriate support from families, education and healthcare professionals.


GlobMed was created by parents who understand the anguish of not being able to find the help needed when needed, or not being able to identify specialised medical solutions for your children on time.

Our network of world-renowned paediatric specialists carries out a wide range of diagnostic tests and procedures to help children with many different medical conditions. In addition, we work with local doctors to make sure they are there when your child needs it.

We understand that the health of your child is your highest concern and the greatest priority.

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Child Development

We have a dedicated network of paediatric doctors and practitioners committed to helping with the assessment and treatment of children with developmental needs. We offer a comprehensive evaluation with investigations to help identify any underlying cause and recommendations for treatment in all areas of development milestones.

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Child Psychiatry and Psychology

GlobMed is committed to connecting you and your child to the most suitable paediatric psychiatry and psychology specialists. So whether you are looking for initial help in diagnosis or you already have a diagnosis and need ongoing treatment, we have the specialist you need.

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Enuresis, more commonly known as ‘bed-wetting’, is a childhood condition that can be problematic and is a cause for concern and distress for children and families. GlobMed is committed to helping connect you with our network of world-class experts to help combat the condition.

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Epilepsy affects the brain, causing repeated and uncontrollable surges of electrical activity resulting in alteration in brain function and, ultimately, seizures. We have specialists that can help in initial diagnosis, continued treatment or novel treatments in uncontrolled epilepsy.

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