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At GlobMed, we recognise that in-person consultations with a doctor are ideal for both doctors and patients. We also recognise that same or next-day consultations may not always be available in the UK. Consequently,we have introduced same day and next day access to world-class Paediatricians online to provide an alternative solution. .

How It Works

Register with GlobMed for an annual fee of £25 and receive a phone call within two hours from one of our healthcare managers to establish your requirements and arrange the consultation with an available or particular paediatrician best suited to deal with the problems you face. 
Once a date and time has been established for the consultation, simply pay the balance of £89 and the consultation will be booked with the doctor of your  choice.  

We will ask you to complete a simple questionnaire about your child so the paediatrician gets a better picture of the circumstances. We will ask about your child’s age and medical history, as well as any symptoms or medical conditions they may currently have.

Please be aware that overseas doctors in our network are not UK GMC registered unless stated otherwise but are fully qualified, insured and certified in their respective jurisdictions.

Virtual consultations happen at the allocated time and are done via Zoom, WhatsApp or phone call. Your consultation will be very similar to visiting a doctor in their practice, except it will be online. The paediatrician will use the information that you have submitted and will ask specific questions in order to screen and diagnose your child. 
The paediatrician may require additional diagnostics or provide a referral to particular specialists, in-person paediatricians or emergency services should it be required.

Once the consultation has concluded you will receive a comprehensive report, prescription recommendations and a customised treatment plan wherever necessary. 

Meet our GlobMed Paediatricians

At GlobMed, we have identified world-class Paediatricians and have conducted comprehensive due diligence to determine their suitability, legitimacy and medical credentials with a pragmatic and honest approach for the benefit of our clients.

Please be aware that overseas doctors in our network are not UK GMC registered unless stated otherwise but are fully qualified, insured and certified in their respective jurisdictions.

Access a Paediatrician, When you Need It

30 minutes online consultation for £89
UK GMC Registered
Prof. Claudia Gray

Paediatrician and Allergist MBChB (UCT), FRCPCH (London), MSc (Pharmacology, Univ Surrey), PhD (Paediatric allergy, UCT), DipAllergy (Southampton), DipPaedNutrition (London), FAAAAI

Price for 30 minutes:
£89 for GlobMed clients
Location Cape Town, South Africa - HPCSA MP 0470961
Year Qualified Year Qualified 1996 (Medical doctor) 2002 (Paediatrics)
Short Bio/Clinical Interests/Professional Memberships/Medical Accreditations

Dr. Claudia Gray is a distinguished Paediatrician with specialized expertise in allergy and pharmacology. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she leads the thriving Kids Allergy Centre, a renowned clinic for paediatrics and allergies. Alongside, Dr. Gray holds the prestigious role of Paediatric Allergy Specialist at the Red Cross Children's Hospital and serves as an Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Cape Town.Read More>

Dr. Gray's influence on South African allergy care is substantial. She's a key member of the Allergy Society of South Africa's Executive Committee and a founding Director of the Allergy Foundation of South Africa. She is also acknowledged as a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and a member of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Dedicated to teaching and research, Dr. Gray presents at global conferences and contributes to respected paediatric and allergy journals. Yet, her deepest dedication lies in delivering accurate, empathetic care. As a mother of four, her understanding goes beyond formal training. Recognizing her role as a reliable source on paediatrics and parenting, Dr. Gray shares valuable resources and channels her love for writing into captivating children's books. These stories, crafted in engaging rhymes, aim to turn potentially intimidating experiences into delightful ones. Dr. Claudia Gray's extensive clinical and academic journey, spanning the UK and South Africa, establishes her as a trusted voice in paediatrics, and a passionate advocate for children's health and well-being. She received her training in Paediatrics and Paediatric Allergy in the United Kingdom. Read Less>
UK GMC Registered
Dr Hanneke Heyns

Paediatrician MBChB (UFS), MMed Paed (UFS)

Price for 30 minutes:
£89 for GlobMed clients
Location South Africa - HPCSA MP: 0466425  PR:0166774
Year Qualified 2003
Short Bio/Clinical Interests/Professional Memberships/Medical Accreditations

Dr. Hanneke Heyns is a dedicated Paediatrician whose journey began when she qualified as a Paediatrician in 2002 from the University of the Free State. After a year working in the NHS in the UK, she started her private Practice in the heart of Cape Town South Africa.Read More>

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Heyns values a holistic approach to care, considering every aspect of a child's life—mind, body, soul, and family. Her deep connection with children and families allows her to build strong relationships. From infancy to adolescence, she's committed to the overall care of her patients, focussing on their health, growth, development, and behaviour. Dr. Heyns is a fervent advocate for parent education and involvement in their children's journey. Her examination approach fosters a safe and playful experience for kids, engaging parents throughout. Information is handled with the utmost care to enhance understanding, address concerns, and improve outcomes effectively. Read Less>
Dr. Tashmin Bisseru

Paediatrician MBBCh (University of Witwatersrand), FCPaeds(SA), Cert Crit Care Paeds

Price for 30 minutes:
£89 for GlobMed clients
Location South Africa - HPCSA MP PR 0611301
Year Qualified 2005
Short Bio/Clinical Interests/Professional Memberships/Medical Accreditations

Dr Bisseru qualified in 2005 at the University of Witwatersrand. She has 16 years of paediatric experience, including paediatric critical care.Read More>

She has a specialist interest in allergy and immunology. She is a mum of two children, a girl of 4 and a baby boy of 1. She has a holistic approach to the care of her patients and believes that less is more and enjoys empowering parents with knowledge to help them treat their children. Read Less>
Dr Daniel Azar

Paediatrician MBBCH (WITS), DCH (SA), MMed (WITS), FCPaed (SA)

Price for 30 minutes:
£89 for GlobMed clients
Location South Africa - HPCSA MP: 0466425  PR:0166774
Year Qualified 2022
Short Bio/Clinical Interests/Professional Memberships/Medical Accreditations

A passionate paediatrician with a calm, kind and caring approach to his young patients. Dr Azar’s sole focus has been in general paediatrics and childhood health concerns since 2016, with a special interest in developmental and neonatal care.Read More>

He qualified as a general doctor in 2013 and as a paediatric specialist through the Colleges of Medicine South Africa in 2022. Dr Azar also holds a diploma in child health and various certificates in childhood and neonatal resuscitation. Dr Azar's training was done over rotations in Johannesburg’s tertiary hospitals, refining his skills in various disciplines. He keeps up to date with the latest medical journals and has conducted his own research on sickle cell anaemia and childhood cancers. He is inspired by children’s resilience and curiosity. His personal experience as a father of two children, both born premature, gives him a unique perspective as a parent and paediatrician Read Less>
Dr Frank Böcking

Paediatrician MBChB from UFS, MMed (Ped) UFS, MSc Child Health Neurodevelopment WITS, MBA (USB Stellenbosch Business school)

Price for 30 minutes:
£89 for GlobMed clients
Location South Africa - HPCSA MP 032240
Year Qualified 1994
Short Bio/Clinical Interests/Professional Memberships/Medical Accreditations

Dr. Böcking was born in Namibia, where his parents had emigrated from Germany. He received his education in Grootfontein, Namibia, and pursued a medical degree at the UFS. Following that, he completed his internship in Windhoek and underwent specialist training at the UFS in Bloemfontein.Read More>

For approximately 18 years, he worked in Potchefstroom. Eventually, he relocated to Pietermaritzburg, where he established a private practice as a general paediatrician. Dr. Böcking’s articular areas of expertise include ADHD, Autism, and learning difficulties. In addition to his private practice, he also provides specialized assistance for learning difficulties in state hospitals within Pietermaritzburg. Read Less>
Dr Nicoletta Hay

Paediatrician MB BCh, FC Paed (SA)

Price for 30 minutes:
£89 for GlobMed clients
Location South Africa - HPCSA MP 0430994
Year Qualified 2000
Short Bio/Clinical Interests/Professional Memberships/Medical Accreditations

Dr Nicoletta Hay is a South African paediatrician who practices in Morningside Clinic, located in Johannesburg, South Africa.Her schooling took place in South Africa, and it was during this time that she developed a passion for medicine and a strong desire to assist people, particularly children.Read More>

Dr Hay pursued her medical education at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) and obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBCH) degree. To broaden her horizons, Dr Hay decided to work in the United Kingdom at the Tunbridge Wells Independent Hospital. However, her commitment to serving the healthcare needs of children in her home country led her back to South Africa, where she completed a fellowship in paediatrics. She embarked on her paediatric career as a specialist at the Garden City Paediatric ICU and later transitioned to Morningside Mediclinic, where she currently practices as a general paediatrician in private practice. While she is a general paediatrician, her particular interest lies in neonatology, where she faces the challenges and rewards of caring for tiny premature babies. Dr Hay's patient base primarily consists of children under 12 years old, with a special focus on those under 6 years old. She believes in the importance of follow-up care and actively engages with patients after their initial consultation to ensure that their child's progress aligns with expectations. Beyond her medical career, Dr Hay cherishes her role as a mother to two boys. Her spare time is often dedicated to participating in her children's extracurricular activities. With a close extended family by her side, Dr Hay feels fortunate to have their support and presence in her life. When she finds a moment to unwind, she indulges in her love for reading, as it provides her with the relaxation and escape she seeks. Dr Nicoletta Hay's dedication to paediatrics, her commitment to providing quality care, and her involvement in both professional and personal spheres make her a valued and respected paediatrician in the community she serves. Read Less>

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctors are booked based on their availability, but our healthcare managers endeavour to schedule same-day or next-day appointments where possible.

Please contact your nearest emergency medical centre if you suspect your child may be having a medical emergency.
If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, please take them to the nearest emergency room: chocking, difficulty breathing, unresponsiveness or fatigue, severe allergic reaction, extensive burns, seizures, head trauma, severe diarrhoea and vomiting or intense and persistent abdominal pain.

You can use our booking feature to book a same or next-day appointment with one of our paediatricians. Our booking process is facilitated by a dedicated healthcare manager. It involves a questionnaire so that we can learn more about your child and your condition before they meet the doctor.

We will need to know your child’s weight and height in order to book the consultation, for which you will need a scale and measuring tape.
It would also be in your best interest to have a thermometer on hand.

Consultations happen over Zoom. You will need to connect to a computer with a working webcam, microphone and speaker.
We unfortunately do not do virtual consultations by phone.

Cancellations or non-attendance will not be refunded.
Consultations will end promptly at the end time of your appointment. If you arrive late, there will be less time during the appointment for the doctor’s consultation.

Bookings cannot be rescheduled.

Consultation fees are transparent and include a 30min virtual consultation and a medication script if needed.
Should you need to file the script or get it privately transcribed, the cost will not be included in your consultation fee.

We have a comprehensive data protection policy and we function in line with the POPI act
All patient information will be stored digitally and in printed format at the paediatrician's office in South Africa.

Yes, consultations are recorded and will be made available to all participants.

Use the same booking system to book a follow-up appointment.

Most Common Paediatrics Procedures

“By using GlobMed, clients can have peace of mind that their case is dealt with personally. Our end-to-end support during your healthcare journey is a priority for us and comes at zero additional cost to the client.”

David Soffer, co-founder