"It is estimated that the NHS spends an average of £100 million a year on correcting mistakes made by low-grade medical care abroad."


Cosmetic procedures are increasingly common across the globe among women and men of all ages. When performed by an experienced, professional practitioner, cosmetic surgery can align your natural appearance with your desired appearance, increasing confidence and self-acceptance. Numerous cosmetic procedures, including rhinoplasty and liposuction, can also lead to long-term improvements in your physical health.


Given the permanent changes to your physical appearance, it is more important than ever to ensure that the healthcare specialists you choose are exemplary in their approach to your health. Unfortunately, many people don’t perform the requisite research and face poor standards of care or even unqualified professionals who can cause lifelong damage and scarring.

At GlobMed, we approach cosmetic surgery and procedures from a clinical perspective rather than following trends in fashion or aesthetics. We guarantee that you will receive high-quality treatments from established, trusted practitioners.

For this purpose, we only partner with world-class specialists across the globe, with proven track records of excellence in particular surgeries and procedures. This means you have the peace of mind and confidence of being in the best possible hands.

Cosmetic procedures can positively impact your physical and mental well-being when following appropriate consultation and expert practice.

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Cosmetic procedures and how we can help.
Abdominal and Stomach Surgery

Abdominoplasty is the medical term given to the surgical correction of excess skin and soft tissue around the lower abdomen and stomach area. It is also commercially known as a ‘tummy tuck.’ This procedure removes excess fat and allows for the tightening of the skin around the lower abdomen.

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Some breast procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons, others are medically necessary.


Buttock cosmetic treatments can help you to enhance the natural appearance, contour, size and/or shape of the buttocks.


Cosmetic procedures in the face/neck area are most commonly performed to address age-related changes in the skin, as well as to improve appearance.

Limbs: Arm Reduction and Lift

Brachioplasty, which refers to what is commonly known as ‘arm reduction and lift’, is a surgical procedure to help remove excess and loose or sagging skin from around the upper arms (widely referred to as ‘bingo wings’). It is often a combination of liposuction followed by skin reduction surgery. This type of surgery is not a weight loss substitute and is best used with a steady and healthy diet, exercise and overall weight loss programme.

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Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique and instrument to remove fat from specific body areas. It also shapes these areas. This procedure is usually only recommended if you have too much body fat in specific areas but otherwise have a stable body weight. It is not a weight-loss replacement nor a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise regime.

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Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

As well as surgical cosmetic procedures, several non-surgical cosmetic procedures can be carried out without the need for general anaesthetic and potentially lengthy hospital stays.

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Thigh Lift

Thigh lift is a procedure to help remove excess fat and soft tissues around the thighs. It is best used in conjunction with weight loss, regular exercise and a balanced diet. Sometimes it is combined with liposuction and buttock lift to give the best results in this area. A thigh lift involves an incision being made, which will depend on each individual’s thigh and excess soft tissue. Excess skin and soft tissue are removed before suturing the incisions and allowing the healing process to commence.

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Treating Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are enlarged tortuous veins commonly found in the lower limb. They are a multi-factorial condition, but the end result is the same, discomfort in the affected area and potentially unsightly veins. Although they don’t usually carry severe health problems, there are practical solutions to treating varicose veins.

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