Healthcare Services

We facilitate and manage a number of healthcare services for all of our patients, new and recurring; from cosmetic procedures to ophthalmology, all the way to fertility and paediatric services. We work with top medical specialists across the globe, who deliver care and expertise to the highest degrees.

Through evaluating, treating, informing and caring, we at GlobMed aim to improve health, enable wellbeing and improve the quality of the lives of all patients.

We’re committed to helping you improve your health and our specialists are thoroughly trained in a number of sectors and are more than capable of assisting you with whatever you need.

  • Breasts
  • Stomach
  • Face
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  • Spinal
  • Rheumatoid
  • Sports injuries
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  • Laser eye surgery
  • Ptosis repair
  • Cataract surgery
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  • IVF
  • IUI
  • ICSI
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  • Skin Prick Test
  • Intradermal Skin Test
  • Patch Test
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  • Mole removal
  • Benign moles
  • Skin tag removal
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  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Root canal
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  • Child Development
  • Child Psychiatry
  • Epilepsy
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