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The GlobMed Approach

At GlobMed, we go back to basics. We are here to help you.

about globmed


Based in London, GlobMed utilises existing private healthcare capacity, industry know-how, stringent due diligence and economies of scale to help our clients access high quality healthcare at affordable prices on a pay-as-you-go basis and unlike medical insurance companies: with no premiums.

Our Approach

We understand healthcare is personal and one size doesn’t fit all. Our team comprises health professionals, trained to approach healthcare with a 360° perspective; focused on the fundamentals and practicalities of all things health and healthcare.

After thousands of hours learning from patients, doctors and healthcare providers, we truly understand how healthcare actually works; the conflicts of interests involved and how to access healthcare at the best value.

“Quality healthcare was supposed to be a right. Then it became a luxury. GlobMed was created to bring simple and affordable healthcare solutions to the average person.”

David Soffer, CEO

Our Vision

GlobMed envisions borderless world-class Healthcare, contributing to building a healthier global society.

We believe medical expertise is best found globally and we strive towards a future in which every client can access the best quality healthcare whenever they need it and wherever it is done best for their individual needs.

GlobMed’s Mission

At GlobMed, our mission is to establish a world-leading network of Healthcare Providers, utilising existing expertise and infrastructure across borders, whilst helping our clients achieve a state of optimal health through our Health+ approach.

Access medical solutions and achieve your health goals.

Simply contact us and our Health+ Consultant will be in touch within 24 hours.

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