Gum disease, also known as ‘Periodontitis,’ is when the gums of the teeth become red and swollen, sore and bleed. Over 45% of people aged 30 or older, or 70% of those 65 or older, have some form of gum disease as it is a very common dental problem to occur. The condition is more […]
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The NHS is the public healthcare system in England, primarily funded by societal taxation via the Department of Social Care. This healthcare system covers GP services, chronic and acute in-patient, and out-patient (including care home, nursing, immunisation and ambulance services) hospital and specialist healthcare, health education, optician services and dentistry. Doctors and dentists run their […]
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Cosmetic surgery often involves an operation for which a person chooses to have an medical procedure to change their physical appearance rather than for clinical need or health. These procedures are most often (unless post cancer operation, to repair injury or due to degenerative or genetic disease) not covered by the NHS provision. The NHS […]
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The menopause is when a woman stops menstruation and is no longer able to have children. This can occur any time in a woman’s life, dependent on her Oestrogen and progesterone levels and egg reserves. The menopause is most common between the ages of forty-five and fifty-five but can occur prematurely in some cases. The […]
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Around four-fifths (79%) of UK health expenditure is paid for through public revenues, mainly taxation. This is due to the strong UK NHS provision for care. Around 13% of the UK population has private medical insurance according to the Office of National Statistics. In addition, there are increasing numbers of people undertaking ‘healthcare tourism‘ and […]
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