A dental record is a detailed list of the dental history of a patient. This includes past and present illnesses, all clinical examinations and diagnoses made, all dental treatments undertaken by a dentist on a patient and the outcomes of the treatments. It may include the documentation of some past and present medical issues, such […]
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Millions of people in the UK experience toothache every year and with record waiting times for dental treatment, it has never been more important to understand this common ailment and what can be done about it. Many people describe the pain and discomfort of toothache as a jaw aching, head pumping sensation that comes from […]
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The NHS was formed 1948 with the aim of using public taxation funding to provide healthcare based on clinical need, rather than wealth or status. For over 70 years it has provided inpatient and outpatient hospital, hospice, optical services, pharmacy, emergency services, GP services and dental services to anyone with a National Insurance number in the […]
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Eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating involve by definition, disordered eating; providing a surplus or deficiency in essential body nutrients, which can cause short and long term affects to dental health. Bulimia, a type of eating disorder in which an individual ‘purges’ food (self-induced vomiting to rid their bodies of food) can be […]
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The UK has just faced one of its hardest healthcare challenges in history. The Coronavirus pandemic tested every corner of healthcare, from the NHS to private healthcare in the UK, and the financial, structural, and societal changes leftover from the pandemic will ripple for years to come. The cost to the NHS has been immense […]
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