Our GlobMed Team

The experience to make a difference.

Our team is made up of tech-enabled, global healthcare managers bringing together skills from a variety of backgrounds and industries, with one common goal: to become a game-changer in global healthcare for the future good of our clients. GlobMed’s organisational structure is flat and simplified, in order to achieve maximum flatness and transparency. Our team is committed to one simple objective: to provide effective healthcare solutions to our clients, and to competently support our partners.

Paolo Aliatis

Paolo has a deep understanding of international operations, stemming from almost two decades of experience as founder and CEO of different companies with a portfolio ranging from property to pharmaceutical distribution.

David Soffer

David studied Biomedical Sciences and worked at Stanmore Orthopaedic Hospital. He ended up pursuing his passion for business by creating one of the most successful tech magazines in the UK and co-founding a thriving digital marketing company.

Melissa Bosch
Health+ Director

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics, including honors, she possesses a profound knowledge of nutrition and a holistic approach to client management. Melissa's expertise extends beyond healthcare; she also owns Cookalot, a nutrition company specializing in crafting tailor made meals to meet each client's unique needs.

Marilee Smith
Medical Healthcare Manager

Marilee has a Bachelor in Pharmacy and postgraduate studies in Business and Middle Management. Specialised as an Oncology Pharmacist she is passionate about combining her medical and scientific knowledge for medicine with holistic principles to provide a unique and comprehensive approach to healthcare. Her commitment to building strong relationships with fellow healthcare professionals has been instrumental in improving patient care.

Armend Latifi

Armend has over a decade of experience developing high-performing web applications using top-notch technologies and transforming ideas from consulting phase to development and deployment.

Saloni Tangal
Head of Creative

Saloni Tangal is the visionary behind Design Equation, a design studio specializing in branding and digital design services. She actively molds our brand's visual identity, crafting designs that truly distinguish us in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Justine taps into her multifaceted experience, which includes freelance graphic design, a pivotal role as a Global Design Committee member for Amazon's affinity group 'Women at Amazon', and editorial as well as account administration responsibilities at Goodreads Inc. With specialised expertise in advertising for niche sectors like Corrosion Engineering and Engineering Simulation Software, Justine is committed to elevating GlobMed's brand prominence within the nuanced realm of healthcare.

Out Programmes Team

Embark on a holistic journey that aims to address imbalances in your overall body functions.

GlobMeds Health+ Programme acknowledges that addressing nutritional deficiencies, improving biomarkers and lifestyle habits can strengthen your bodies physiological systems and overal health outcomes. Adhering to the Health+ protocol and understanding the recommendations of behavioral changes made by your Health+ Specialist will help you to achieve optimal results during your 12-week programme.

Dr. Kirsty Veich
General Practitioner
License: MP 0902810
Institution University of Cape Town
Experience: 4
Qualification General Practitioner
Year Qualified: 2019
Location Cape Town, South Africa

Doctor Kirsty Veitch is located in Cape Town. Her educational path includes earning a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology and Media and Writing in 2012, followed by a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 2019, both obtained from the University of Cape Town (UCT). She takes pride in her academic accomplishments, having received honours for both degrees and the Anaesthesia Class Prize.  Presently, she actively participates in the fields of Primary Health Care, Emergency Medicine, and Ophthalmology in Cape Town.  With more than three years of clinical experience, her unwavering commitment lies in patient-centred care, medical education, research, and promoting innovation within the realm of healthcare.

Dr. Caitlin Parker
General Practicioner
License: MP 0821489
Institution University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Colleges of Medicine South Africa
Experience: 8
Qualification General Practitioner MBBCh, Dip PEC
Year Qualified: 2015
Location Johannesburg, South Africa

Doctor Caitlin Parker was born and educated in Johannesburg, South Africa and since qualifying has gained experience in a range of disciplines including Emergency Care, Critical Care Transport, Paediatrics and General Practice. She has had the privilege of practising in a variety of locations within Southern Africa as well as in the Republic of Ireland and enjoys interacting with patients and is passionate about providing high quality, evidence-based and empathetic care.

Leilah Kirsten
Personal Trainer
Experience: 11
Qualification Personal Trainer
Year Qualified: 2012
Location Cape Town, South Africa

Leilah is a multi-disciplined movement coach with over 10 years of teaching experience and more than 15 years of professional dance training and performance involvement. She possesses expertise in Body Conditioning, Pilates, Contemporary Dance, and creative movement. Leilah is confident in working with and leading a diverse student group and is committed to facilitating the improvement of her client’s holistic well-being.

Kyle Whitcher
Personal Trainer
Experience: 12
Qualification B.Sc. Dietetics (Hons)
Year Qualified: 2011
Location Cape Town, South Africa

Kyle started his fitness training career by focusing on group training clients and realized that adaptations, for most people, are a very individual process and not a one-size-fits-all approach. Now, more than 15 years later, he has learned that if you do the basics and do them well, things progress a lot easier. However, he also understands that fitness training changes as time goes by. What works today might not work tomorrow.

Clinton Shalkoff
Fitness Coach, Pilates Instructor
Experience: 19
Qualification Fitness Coach, Pilates Instructor
Year Qualified: 2004
Location Cape Town, South Africa

Clinton, a Fitness Coach and Pilates Instructor, fosters a welcoming, inclusive, and encouraging environment for his clients. Clinton is known for developing high-quality, creatively planned, and effective exercise programs. As an outgoing and creative individual, he stands out as an exceptional coach with strong listening and strategic leadership skills. His commitment, dedication, and drive promise an outstanding experience for all clients.

Jordan Tissink
Personal Trainer
Experience: < 3 years
Qualification Personal Trainer
Year Qualified: 2023
Location Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Jordan is a hard-working, dedicated, and motivated person who never settles when it comes to her greatest passions, such as triathlon. She truly believe that discipline is the answer to success. Jordan’s favourite quote is: 'Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.' Because of this, they are confident that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Natalie Tissink
Personal Trainer
Experience: 18
Qualification Personal Trainer
Location Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Natalie hails from Johannesburg, South Africa, and embarked on her swimming journey at the age of 6. She swam competitively throughout her school years, representing South Africa both locally and internationally in swimming and life-saving events. Along the way, she clinched numerous South African records and titles, marking a successful swimming career.
Today, Natalie is a highly proficient coach in both swimming and triathlon, boasting advanced training and a track record of guiding athletes to achieve personal and professional excellence. Her coaching environment fosters learning, training, and skill development, drawing from her three-decade-long personal journey in athletics and coaching. This extensive experience has moulded her into an introspective, empathetic, and thoughtful coach.