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Based in London, GlobMed sits in one of the most multicultural cities globally: home to over 8 million inhabitants, speaking over 200 different languages and with 6 airports well connected to most destinations across the globe.

London's diversity and accessibility to global/local knowledge allow us to bring the concept of Global Healthcare to the world.

Healthcare Data: Key Facts

Ranking n.10 on the World Healthcare Innovation Index in 2021

2022 registered the highest rise in demand for private healthcare in the UK

Healthcare Insights

In 2017, the UK private healthcare market was estimated to be valued at £11.5Bn. This figure is poised to reach £13.5Bn by 2023, owing to the rise in NHS waiting times, and referrals to the private sector. Around 13% of the UK population has private medical insurance according to the Office of National Statistics. The main factors influencing growth in demand for private healthcare in the UK are access and waiting times for NHS diagnostics and treatment.

The UK has a leading position when it comes to global medical technologies and healthcare innovation, home to world-renowned doctors and specialists from all branches of medicine. With £16 billion invested in clinical funding annually, more than any other European city, London is recognised as a centre of medical excellence and home to internationally respected hospitals.

Why choose London?

Served by 6 major airports well connected to most countries across the globe

A global hub for technology and innovation in medicine and healthcare

Home to hundreds of world-renowned doctors and healthcare scientists

Extensive range and availability of advanced specialist healthcare treatment procedures

Access GlobMed’s Extensive Network Of Specialists

At GlobMed, we stake our reputation on providing you with access to trusted healthcare providers and specialists at prices you can afford.

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