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Turkey is situated exactly in the middle between Europe and Asia, occupying a unique geographic position and embodying diverse cultural elements of both Caucasian and Oriental influence. Home to 16 million inhabitants and with a territorial size that is 3.5 times larger than London, Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and the country’s economic, socio-cultural and historic epicenter.

Istanbul is served by 2 major airports and is easily accessible from the UK in just 4 hours, with dozens of flights available every day.

Healthcare Data: Key Facts

One of our partners is the 1st orthopaedic hospital in Turkey to use NAVIO Robotic Technology to perform over 2000 surgeries

6th country in the world with the highest number of JCI-accredited healthcare institutions

75% lower prices compared to Europe for eye surgery

One of our partners is the only hospital in Europe affiliated with the John Hopkins group

Healthcare Insights

In the past decades, Istanbul has developed a huge healthcare capacity for treating domestic and international patients and is home to a large number of renowned hospital chains as well as thousands of qualified healthcare professionals. Every year, thousands of UK residents fly to Istanbul to get treated by private doctors at a fraction of the price. This competition has led to the creation of a very dynamic market providing considerable advantages and opportunities. But, at the same time, it also encouraged hundreds of operations to promote a ‘quick profit, low quality, high volume Model’, responsible for mistakes made by low-grade medical practitioners and giving a mixed flavour to the way Istanbul’s healthcare offer is advertised in the UK.

In this scenario, GlobMed’s Business Model, using fixed commission rates and prioritising quality over quantity and reputation over profits, is able to extract Istanbul’s healthcare excellence and provide UK clients with access to affordable healthcare solutions, without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

Why choose Istanbul?

Served by 2 major airports and easily accessible from the UK in approximately 4 hours

Medical tourism powerhouse delivering affordable healthcare at high quality

Significant availability and variety of healthcare services of different quality and prices

Extensive experience and installed capacity for medical tourism management and solutions

Cost Comparison

The graph below compares the costs of popular medical treatments between the UK and Turkey, taking into account the average prices (in £) offered by private healthcare providers in each country.

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