Barcelona, Spain

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Based in Southwestern Europe, Spain is the most visited European country by UK tourists. As the capital city of the region of Catalonia, Barcelona is a land of Mediterranean tradition with a rich historical heritage.

Barcelona is served by 1 major airport and is easily accessible from the UK in just 2 and a half hours, with dozens of flights available every day.

Healthcare Data: Key Facts

Ranking n. 3 on the World Healthcare Efficiency Index in 2018

Ranking n.4 on the World Medical Tourism Index in 2021

3rd country in the EU with the lowest death rate for treatable diseases in 2019

The leading European country for the number of fertility treatments performed

Healthcare Insights

Spain is known to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world of which Barcelona is the capital, home to leading research centres, innovative infrastructure and equipment, cutting-edge technology, highly qualified professionals and strict control procedures which facilitate very low rates of malpractice and postoperative complications or infections. Many world-leading specialists in fetal medicine, complex paediatric surgery, oncology, ophthalmology, urology, neuroscience, traumatology and organ and tissue transplantation are based in Barcelona and are highly experienced in treating international patients.

According to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), 40% of all assisted reproduction treatments in Europe are performed in Spain, making it a country of reference successful rates of IVF and fertility treatments.

Why choose Barcelona?

Easily accessible from the UK in approximately 2.5 hours

One of the best healthcare systems in the world

Familiar with delivering world-class healthcare treatment to UK patients

Highly developed multi-disciplinary private healthcare infrastructure

Cost Comparison

The graph below compares the costs of popular medical treatments between the UK and Spain, taking into account the average prices (in £) offered by private healthcare providers in each country.

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