The GlobMed Guarantee

Conflict of interests, doctors’ liability risk and patient bias collectively make accessing healthcare complicated, expensive and potentially unsafe.

GlobMed solves that.

The GlobMed guarantee is simple: we match our clients with the healthcare providers and specialists best suited to meet their unique needs, considering factors such as budget and provider availability. We always account for each patient's individual circumstances.

At GlobMed, we confidently stand by the healthcare providers and doctors in our network. Unlike other companies that shirk away from potential liabilities, we boldly refer our clients to the best in healthcare. Our confidence stems from our commitment to our clients and patients; we stake our reputation on the services we provide, because we deeply believe in what we do.

We make our referrals with total transparency and honesty, utilising an unbiased approach informed by exhaustive research of numerous doctors, clinics, and healthcare providers. Our opinions and recommendations are grounded in both objective and subjective analysis of each provider’s business model, incentives, and reputation. We go beyond simply relying on medical outcome data, acknowledging that it's not always available and can be difficult to verify and compare accurately.

We avoid high-volume, low-cost, quick-profit healthcare models and operations that prioritise deadlines above patient care. Instead, we champion a personalised doctor-patient approach, avoiding the impersonal, one-size-fits-all industrial model. Our network is comprised solely of well-established healthcare providers and reputable doctors with proven track records of excellence. We seek out specialists who place their brand's integrity and patient care above rapid profits. With GlobMed, the patient always comes first.

Contrary to popular belief, accessing quality healthcare can be both straightforward and affordable. We help clients navigate the intricacies of the healthcare landscape with ease and confidence.

We are here to help.

Our No Conflict-of-Interest Policy

We never recommend a provider based on the interests of GlobMed. Rather, we recommend providers and medical professionals based only on our honest assessment of each client’s needs.

Price Promise

Accessing healthcare through GlobMed does not increase your cost by a penny more than if you were to access the same service directly.

Access GlobMed’s Extensive Network Of Specialists

At GlobMed, we stake our reputation on providing you with access to trusted healthcare providers and specialists at prices you can afford.

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