How Much Does Fertility Treatment Cost In The UK? 

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If you are struggling to conceive and are therefore looking into fertility treatment options, your first thought may naturally be about the costs involved and whether or not you can afford the infertility treatment in question. For many couples, much as it is in the case of any healthcare treatment in the UK, the cost of fertility treatment is a potentially significant concern. You may opt to pay for fertility treatment yourself through a private clinic, or you can check whether or not you are eligible for treatment on the NHS.

Whichever option you choose when looking at your options for fertility treatment, understanding how much fertility treatment in the UK costs more broadly is very useful and worthwhile. In addition, considering the various different infertility treatment options available to you in the UK as well as potentially further afield, can be a useful place to start your research in your search for the ideal treatment for your needs.

NHS Fertility Treatment

Through the NHS, all patients have the right to be referred to a clinic for an initial investigation. If a GP refers you to a specialist for further testing, the NHS may well pay for this. However, it is unlikely to be as simple as simply booking yourself or your partner in for fertility treatment with the NHS and there will understandably be various checks and assessments before you are able to start undergoing the necessary fertility treatment.

How Much Does NHS Treatment for Infertility Cost?

Infertility treatment is offered free of charge on the NHS, but only if you meet specific eligibility criteria. Whether you qualify for totally NHS-funded treatment will depend on various factors, including where you live, your age and other lifestyle-dependent factors. If you are not eligible, you may need to pay to opt for a private provider to offer and provide your required fertility treatment.

Fertility drugs are available on the NHS, but you will more than likely have to pay prescription charges unless you are exempt for any reason.

Can I Get Fertility Treatment on the NHS?

Most NHS clinical commissioning groups follow NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines to determine who gets funded fertility treatment. However, some include stricter regulations, for example, that you must be a non-smoker, have a healthy weight or have no previous children to get IVF. 

It is best to talk to your GP, as they will have a good understanding of fertility treatments covered by the NHS in your area and whether you're eligible. To find out more about the eligibility criteria, consider contacting your GP or local NHS provider who will be able to advise and help you with regards to the treatment being covered by the NHS.

Private Fertility Treatments in the UK 

If you are not eligible for NHS treatment or if you prefer to use a private clinic for the fertility treatment in question, you will need to pay for any treatment and medication provided through the course of the treatment programme. Some clinics will ask for a referral from your GP or doctor.

How Much Does Private Treatment for Infertility Cost?

Private treatments for infertility in the UK can greatly vary in their costs. One cycle of IUI (intrauterine insemination) costs an average of £1,000, and one cycle of IVF treatment (in-vitro fertilisation) can cost around £5,000. There may also be further charges to consider such as those for prescriptions, consultations and testing. To give you an idea of typical private fertility treatment costs in the UK, here is a list of possible prices that a private clinic in the UK may charge:

Consultation & Assessments

  • Initial consultation - £200
  • Female Fertility Assessment - £290
  • Male Fertility Assessment - £190
  • Semen Assessment - £140
  • Initial Consultation Package - £350

Fertility Treatments

  • Ovulation Induction - £500
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) - £1130
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) - £3500
  • Embryo Freezing 3 cycles + Transfer - £9250
  • Sperm DNA Fragmentation - £500
  • Sperm Aneuploidy - £450
  • Sperm Freezing - £360
  • Yearly Storage of Egg, Sperm or Embryo - £360

Are Private Fertility Treatment Costs in the UK Regulated?

No. Fertility clinics in the UK are free to set their own prices, which will be dependent on numerous factors like their experience and their success rates. Just like other private healthcare providers, fertility clinics compete against each other as traditional businesses in the open market and can have quite distinctly differing prices for the same treatment. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to shop around and compare your options before committing to a single private clinic.

Why Do Fertility Treatment Prices Vary so Much?

This is partially because private treatment prices are unregulated, but you should also be sure to check what is and isn't included in a clinic's quote. 

Some clinics provide a quote for a cost that covers the treatment only. For example, a clinic may quote you £3,500 for in vitro fertilisation (IVF), but this may not cover your fertility drugs or other 'optional costs.' These extra charges can add up and become very expensive, often without patients realising until they receive their final bill. Other clinics include everything in their quote and therefore seem more costly at first. However, a quote for £4,000 for IVF with everything included, for example, may actually be your best option. 

Make sure to find out exactly what is included in the price during your consultations with the clinic. You should also find out if you can expect any added charges for administration costs. That way, you can make sure you are comparing like for like to find the best price for your infertility treatment needs and requirements. 

Are Fertility Treatment Options Cheaper Abroad?

Some people consider looking for cheaper fertility treatment centres abroad. However, as looking abroad means looking into potentially foreign markets and providers, you should exercise a great degree of caution to be fully informed and aware of any potential safety risks, be they large or small. In some countries, fertility clinics are not as closely regulated in terms of their healthcare practices as in the UK, and you want to feel secure in the standard of care you will receive. GlobMed however works with a number of world-renowned healthcare experts including in the field of infertility and fertility treatment options. 

We work with some of the best clinics and treatment providers in the world, ensuring you are looked after, taken care of and able to undergo the best treatment option for your needs and requirements.

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