How To Find The Best Deals For Private Healthcare

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When one has health insurance, it means that some (if not all) of the cost of private healthcare treatment will be covered if you’re injured or ill. Without health insurance, private healthcare is infamously known for being costly.

Although the NHS is there to provide free healthcare, a lot of people like to have health insurance anyway because it comes with the benefit of things like faster treatments, a wider range of specialists, better hospitals etc.

The options for healthcare insurance can be single (for just yourself or any one person) or can be joint and/or family to cover family members or loved ones, and it’s usually designed for acute conditions, meaning conditions that are short-term and short-term.

What Does it Cover?

Usually, health insurance can cover:

Inpatient treatment: stays in hospital beds/wards for tests or surgery

Outpatient treatment: consultations, diagnosis and treatment for those who don’t need to stay overnight

Day patient: regular appointments in hospital but not staying overnight

What Types of Insurance Exist?

There are three types of insurance for private healthcare; Basic, Medium and Comprehensive.

Basic health insurance normally pays for inpatient treatment and stays

Medium health insurance pays for inpatient treatment and some outpatient treatment/care too

Comprehensive health insurance includes all of the above, plus treatments such physiotherapy

According to research, the best & most popular private health insurance choice in the UK is comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive health insurance is normally more expensive than basic health insurance, but this is due to the fact that it covers a wider range of treatment options.

In some cases, health insurance companies will allow you to choose what to cover, and then go on to base the prices around what you choose. After, you’ll then be able to compare different policies – this will make getting health insurance quotes a lot easier. Checking the following will help you make a decision:

  • The level of cover
  • The cost
  • The excess charge
  • Claim limitations

How Can you Find the Best Deal?

Finding the best deals for private healthcare will require a rather in-depth evaluation of your personal situation. Things like your financial situation, current health, age and where you live, among other things, will have to be considered.

Firstly, you will need to work out which policy type is best suited to you and what your healthcare needs are. 

Short term illnesses can include any conditions that last either a few days/weeks and have no permanent or long-term effect on your health, such as colds, flu’s, broken bones & sprains. If you suffer from short-term illnesses, a basic policy might be right for you, and could even save you some money. 

Secondly, it’s important to find your nearest hospitals and how much they charge.

If you live in a major city (for example, London) you can expect to be charged a considerably higher amount for healthcare treatments than you would via the countryside or away from central areas.

Working this out could help you find the best deal from a number of different insurance companies that offer the cheapest health insurance quotes with hospitals that you’d be willing to travel that little extra distance for.

Thirdly, in order to find the best deals for private healthcare you may need to take your general health & lifestyle into account.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but you can except to find better deals and quotes best fitting to your personal situation if you have good general health. Those who lead unhealthy lifestyles and frequently suffer from complications of unhealthy lifestyles can expect higher costs for their health insurance, or even unfitting health insurance plans based off their current physical health.

In conclusion, there are many ways in which you can find the best deals for your private healthcare. In order to find the best deal, the most important thing to do (as previously mentioned) is to compare are many quotes from different insurance companies as possible, to get a wider range of different options to choose from with different benefits that may suit you in a number of ways.



Q: “Do I need private healthcare?”

A: The point of private healthcare is to give you a choice when it comes to your medical treatment. It all comes down to your personal situation and preferences, and whether or not you’d rather have public treatment funded by the NHS or private treatment. 

Q: “How does private healthcare work?”

A: Your private health insurance usually covers the cost of private medical care, as opposed to you paying fully yourself or using public health services e.g. the NHS. With private health insurance you can choose private hospitals or specialists that aren’t offered by the NHS.

Q: “Why do people choose private healthcare?”

A: There are generally 3 main reasons people choose private healthcare:

-   Higher level of choice: there is more space and fluidity for people to choose specific doctors and/or hospitals they may favour or prefer, something you usually wouldn’t be able to do via public health services.

-   Speed: people commonly choose private medical treatment because of the speed at which they can be treated, as opposed to public medical treatment. This is due to the fact that most private hospitals have shorter waiting lists than NHS hospitals, regarding there even is a waiting list in place.

-   Quality: the quality of the care you are in is also a contributing factor on why so many choose private healthcare. Not to say NHS public services don’t try to maintain the same high level of care & quality, but the fact that there are less stretched budgets on private insurance companies means that there is room for allowing a higher standard of care.

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