How Husbands Can Help Their Wives During Menopause

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Menopause can be a more challenging time of life for most women. Women going through menopause will need support from their loved ones. It is not an easy time, especially with symptoms lasting a few years. It’s important for men to have knowledge of what their partners are going to do for them to be able to fully support their partner during this time. Some women can feel depressed and anxious during menopause, but husbands can help their wives feel better by understanding what is happening to their wives' bodies and hormones. 


Be Empathetic and Understanding

It is important for men to listen to their wives going through menopause. The more men understand what their partner is going through the more they will be able to help. Every woman will experience menopause differently, which means that every family will have a different experience with menopause. There is one thing that everyone has in common, when you listen and talk to each other you can help each other and make the menopause journey more bearable. 



Listen To Your Partner

There is an old saying for relationships, “Communication is key”, and in this case it really is. It will be helpful for men to ask their partner how they feel so that know how to support their partner during this uncomfortable time. Men should not make assumptions about what a woman is going through, every woman will have a unique menopause experience. It is important for men to inform their partners that they are not alone in time and that they are there for support. 



Encourage Your Partner

Going through menopause can affect a woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence, especially since one of the symptoms is weight gain. It would be helpful if men could uplift their partner during this time with words of encouragement and compliments. Men can encourage women to do physical activities and go to social gatherings. 



How Can I Help My Partner With Her Symptoms?

Some of the symptoms can decrease during physical activity and healthy lifestyle changes. Men can encourage their partner to go for a walk or do yoga to get more active. Reducing alcoholic intake and quitting smoking can decrease menopausal symptoms. Men can help their partner in the kitchen and prepare a healthy meal together. It is important for men to speak to their partners about treatment options given by health care providers. 



Can I Still Be Sexually Intimate With My Partner?

Men should understand that their partners’ libido might be low during menopause due to hormonal changes in the body. Men should not take offence if their partner does not want to have sex during menopause, this is where a lot of relationships can be saved by just talking to each other. A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during menopause, these changes are:


Vaginal Dryness

This will make sex uncomfortable and even painful for women. It can also increase the risk of yeast infections and urinary tract infections.


Night Sweats and Sleeping Problems

Men must keep in mind that women have trouble sleeping during menopause and this will affect their day-to-day life. Mood swings and fatigue can increase over time due to lack of sleep. Anxiety attacks can also occur.


Emotional Changes

Women experience a lot of hormonal changes during this time and might easily feel upset and stressed without any reason. 

There are treatment options such as hormonal replacement therapy to help ease the symptoms but talking can indicate to men where they can support their partner. It is important for men to show love and support to their partner during this time. Men should be aware that women can still fall pregnant during perimenopause and should continue conversations about contraception. 



The Workplace During Menopause

Managing feelings in the workplace during menopause can be a challenge for women. Coping with symptoms is hard for women in the workplace since most women don’t want to talk about menopause at work. It is important to support woman at work during menopause so that they can stay focused on their work. One of the symptoms during menopause is brain fogging, which can make it difficult for women to concentrate at work. 



What Not To Say When A Woman Is Going Through Menopause

Men should be careful with their words when speaking to a woman going through menopause. 

Things to avoid saying:

  • You look tired, did you sleep last night?
  • Are you not too young for menopause?
  • It is not hot outside, how can you have another hot flush?
  • Is your hair falling out?
  • Did you gain weight?
  • Why do you use the bathroom so often?
  • Are you still going through menopause?


How Does Menopause Affect A Relationship?

Since hormones fluctuate for women going through menopause, it is easy for them to feel unloved and lonely. Men should understand that a woman is going through an emotional roller coaster during menopause and should let their partners know they are there to support them. It is advised for men to be prepared to learn about menopause and how it will affect their partners. Understanding that the process of menopause can last a few years will increase the support men can give to their partners.

From a male perspective, it might seem like a woman should be grateful for not getting her period again, but that can be deceiving. The symptoms of menopause are more intense than symptoms during a period. Menopause can have an effect on the sexual well-being of a relationship. Men should reassure and talk to their partners when it comes to sexual activities.

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