How Men Can Boost Their Fertility

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Male fertility is crucial when a male and his partner want to conceive, but just so, many males pursue to keep their fertility on par before conceiving and even after conceiving, to ensure a healthy sexual life. As this topic is becoming more prevalent, society is asking how males can uphold their fertility or improve it.


Tips to Boost Male Fertility

Healthy Lifestyle

It is evident that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help a male to uphold his fertility. This is typically done when the male exercises on a regular basis, especially aerobic exercises and resistance training. This can boost a male’s fertility as exercising increases the secretion of Testosterone which plays a vital role in producing the sperm during the spermatogenesis process.

A healthy lifestyle is also influenced by the food that a man ingests. Processed and sugary foods can have a negative effect on fertility as they may lead to diabetes, whereas healthy food choices like vegetables, fruit and lean meats can positively affect a male’s fertility. Studies have also shown that oxidative stress causes a decrease in sperm production, thus by ingesting foods rich in antioxidants, such as kale or spinach, the oxidative stress can be inhibited and sperm production can function as normal.


Zinc Intake for Fertility

Studies have found that zinc is an important microelement as it is necessary for normal physiological functions in the body like growth, cell division and reproduction. A dietary zinc deficiency of 5ppm or less can impair a male’s fertility and ability to reproduce. Zinc is found in high concentrations in the seminal fluid where it has an important role in the process of sperm production.

Firstly, zinc can act as an anti-inflammatory that can positively affect the metabolism of sperm. Secondly, zinc is found in the tail of sperm and plays a role in the motility of sperm. It has also been found that this microelement can ensure optimal semen quality and improved fertility.


Stress Management

Stress has become an overwhelming emotion in today’s society and something everyone deals with day to day. Not only does stress impact a human benign’s overall health, but also their fertility. Stress increases the secretion of cortisol, which in turn can affect sperm parameters leading to a decrease in sperm quality.


Routine Check-Ups

Going for routine check-ups at the doctor’s office can prevent infertility by picking up on a diagnosis early. Even when men are concerned about anything that feels wrong, it is recommended to speak to their doctor where tests can be done to ensure the patient’s fertility is on par or to pick up on anything in order to treat it appropriately.



L-arginine is an amino acid that represents the building blocks of protein in the body. This is found in various foods rich in protein and supplements. Studies have found that L-arginine can optimize sperm metabolism and ensure optimal sperm parameters including optimal sperm motility. Not only can L-arginine positively affect sperm quality, but it can also help a male to get and maintain an erection improving his sexual life and possibility to conceive.


Factors That Can Cause a Decline in Male Fertility

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Both smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can cause a decrease in male fertility by leading to a decline in sperm quality and semen parameters. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause a disruption in the spermatogenesis process causing a decrease in sperm count.



Diabetes can affect male fertility by disrupting the spermatogenesis process and causing a decrease in sperm count. It can also alter sperm DNA and cause an imbalance in seminal fluid. Not only can diabetes affect fertility, but also male sexual health by causing erectile dysfunction.


Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Untreated STIs can cause damage to reproductive organs by possibly causing an obstruction that can result in infertility. Although certain STIs can be treated by a course of antibiotics, it is better to prevent STIs by getting vaccinated against Hepatitis B. It is also important to know that not all STIs can be treated or cured, like HIV.


Anabolic Steroids

The inappropriate use of anabolic steroids can negatively affect male fertility. Steroids mimic the effect of testosterone, but when levels are too high, the body recognises it and tries to maintain a balance by causing a decrease in the secretion of natural testosterone. These low levels of testosterone cause a decrease in the sperm production process with a lower sperm count and possible infertility.


Signs and Symptoms To Look Out For

Certain signs and symptoms that can be an indication of fertility problems are important to notice at an early stage. When a male and his partner are struggling to conceive after a year of regular unprotected intercourse is a reason to be concerned and to consult a doctor. When a male notices an abnormal lump or nodule on the testes it is recommended to consult a doctor for an examination and possible tests.

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