How to Manage the Emotional Rollercoaster of Fertility Treatment

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It is important to remember that you are not alone when you are facing fertility problems. Couples all over the world face the same problem. Facing fertility problems can put a lot of stress on a relationship, it is important to consider the emotional well-being of your partner during this time. It is perfectly normal to feel disappointed when you are struggling to conceive. Seeking professional help from a counsellor can be beneficial, they can help you deal with the emotional rollercoaster of infertility. 


Coping Strategies to Consider

If the impact of infertility appears to be influencing various aspects of your life, you're not imagining it, and you're not alone. Here, we explore some simple, but effective coping strategies for addressing infertility.

Educate Yourself

It is good to stay on track with the newest trends in technology and how they can help with your specific situation. Be sure to do the research yourself and get more than one opinion from your doctor. 


It is important to take care of yourself and your partner during this difficult time. Living a healthy lifestyle and exercising are important for your self-care.  It will also be beneficial to find time to relax and treat yourself to something you like for example a massage. 


It is important to not blame yourself or your partner for the fertility problem. You need to communicate and help each other during this time. 

Know Your Limitations

It might be difficult for you to attend certain events such as baby showers or baby dedications, but it is perfectly fine to decline such invitations if you need time for yourself. 


Tips For Thriving During Fertility Treatment

It is important that you realise everyone is different. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how a couple navigates fertility problems. Going through fertility treatments can be stressful. You not only need to schedule fertility appointments, but normal life goes on, you still need to go to work and figure out how you are going to break the news to family and friends.

It May Not Go as Planned

It is important to be aware that there can be bumps in the road during fertility treatment. Be prepared for all the struggles during fertility treatment and make sure that you have a support structure during that time.


Emotional Difficulties

Most people know about the physical challenges during fertility treatment, but many forget the emotional challenges that come with fertility treatment. The hope and highs and lows accompanied each IVF cycle. Take control of what you can control. The emotional roller-coaster is mostly because you are not in control of your situation.

Strong Mindset

You can not control how many egg cells will be harvested during each cycle, meaning that you can unfortunately not control the outcome of your fertility treatment. Shift your energy to something that you can control such as your mindset, your attitude, and what you are going through.

Coping Mechanism

You have control over what coping mechanism to use during this time. Be aware of the importance of using a good coping mechanism and be open to different types of coping mechanisms. Some coping mechanism examples include reading, walking, and taking time off for yourself to do something that you enjoy. It can be helpful to start writing your thoughts and feelings down in a journal.

It will also help to recognise the positive actions you have taken since you started on your fertility treatment journey. You might have changed your lifestyle and stopped smoking and drinking, these are all examples of positive actions. 

What Emotional Support is Available For Me in The UK?

Every licensed fertility clinic in the UK should provide you access to counselling. It might help to explore the counselling options at a fertility clinic near you. If you are looking for accurate information on the aspects of fertility treatment, it is advised that you consult with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

If you are looking for free webinars, support groups and forums, you can look at the Fertility Network, they have free resources available. If you are looking for a counsellor you can look at the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA), they offer services that will help you find accredited fertility counsellors. 

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