Cosmetic Rehabilitation

Cosmetic rehabilitation (sometimes called smile makeovers) differs from full mouth rehabilitation. Full mouth rehabilitation is designed to restore function and health, whereas cosmetic rehabilitation is a combination of techniques purely to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the mouth rather than function.

What is Cosmetic Rehabilitation?

Cosmetic rehabilitation, or ‘smile makeover’ can align crowded teeth, close gaps, reduce protrusion, whiten, reduce a gummy smile, widen a narrow smile, change the length or shape of teeth, replace missing teeth or a combination of all. It usually involves around the top 8 or top 10 teeth and sometimes the lower 8 to 10 teeth. Porcelain veneers are a standard cosmetic dental treatment due to their durability and aesthetics.

People often choose cosmetic rehabilitation because it dramatically changes how a person’s smile looks and feels.

The benefits of cosmetic rehabilitation and smile makeovers include:

  • Boost in Self-Confidence: Treatments remove flaws from teeth, restoring confidence
  • Restore Teeth With Dental Issues: Restoring unhealthy teeth can improve the mouth’s overall health and get rid of pain and infection. They also prevent further damage to the affected tooth
  • Correct Bad Bites and Jaw Misalignment: Some people may experience teeth that crowd together and become crooked. They may also have noticeable overbites and underbites. Generally, poorly aligned teeth and jaws can cause pain and discomfort, and cosmetic rehabilitation treatments can resolve these issues
  • Repair Tooth Injuries: Restoring broken teeth can prevent the risk of complications such as infection, nerve damage and chronic pain, as well as restore the appearance of the smile
  • Replace Missing Teeth and Gaps: Gaps in the teeth can occur due to faults in the gum or jaw, and cosmetic rehabilitation can bring the teeth closer together or fill gaps left by missing teeth

What to Expect From Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • Step 1 – Initial Consultation

    The first step in the cosmetic rehabilitation process is an initial consultation in which both the patient and the dentist will talk about the desired results. Then, an examination along with x-rays and photos will be taken for the dentist to create a treatment plan, recommending potential treatment options.

  • Step 2 – Impressions

    The next step is for the dentist to take impressions of your teeth and a wax-up of the patient’s desired result on a model. A silicone impression of the wax-up smile will be made and taken off from the model, acting as a ‘trial.’

  • Step 3 – Preparation and Temporary Restorations

    Teeth that need restoring with crowns, veneers or bridges are prepared and further impressions will be recorded. The temporary restorations will then be fitted.

  • Step 4 – Review

    After several days you will have to return to your dentist to ensure there are no further issues before the final restorations are ready to be fitted in the next appointment.

  • Step 5 – Fittings

    Your final restorations will be fitted for the final appointment, and your treatment is complete.

Risks of Cosmetic Rehabilitation Explained

The risks of cosmetic rehabilitation are similar to many other dental procedures and treatments can be explained by your dentist or orthodontist, such as over-preparing. ‘Over-preparing’ refers to when the tooth is filed down too far in preparation for veneers. Micro-cracks in the underlying dentin can occur due to over-preparation and can, in turn, lead to nerve damage and ‘pulp death.’ Although the risk of complications is relatively low, it is essential to understand what risks may exist before receiving any cosmetic dental treatment.

How Much Does Cosmetic Rehabilitation Cost?

Costs do depend on where exactly you go to receive cosmetic rehabilitation. Costs are usually calculated depending on the precise restorations you want to receive.

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