Planned Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is restoring the form and function of the masticatory apparatus to as near normal as possible. This procedure utilises a range of techniques to ensure the mouth, teeth and surrounding structures are all working as they are supposed to and in tandem. Full mouth rehabilitation is ideal for people with many teeth in decay and poor gum health. Commonly as the teeth and oral health decline, other problems can develop in other areas of the mouth.

Why Do People Require Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

One of the most common reasons for full mouth rehabilitation is often to obtain and maintain the health of the oral cavity and surrounding structures. These structures include the teeth, temporomandibular joint and periodontal tissue (gums). A full mouth rehabilitation can be an extensive process involving multiple phases and consultations.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Explained

The full mouth rehabilitation process varies from clinic to clinic, but the procedure does follow some basic steps:

  • Extensive cleaning of the teeth and gums
  • Similar preparation is required for implants, veneers, bridges and crowns
  • Temporary teeth to allow for spacing and your muscle and soft tissues to adjust to new occlusion
  • Permanent implants, dentures
  • Oral surgery to reposition the jaw
  • Bone Grafting
  • Gingival shaping to allow for a natural look

What Are The Risks of Planned Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The risks should always be discussed at length with the surgeon performing the procedure, but generally speaking, the risks can include:

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Infection of gums, bone, implants
  • Failure wounds to heal
  • Damage to nerve loss or change in sensation to teeth, gums, lips and chin
  • Failure implants to bond
  • Fracture bone or implants
  • Temporary or permanent feeling of ‘bad bite’ and occlusion

How Much Does Planned Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cost?

  1. Privately, full mouth rehabilitation can vary greatly and depends on individual circumstances and patient requirements. On average, full mouth rehabilitation costs £20,000 – £50,000, often more in the region. However, this will vary significantly depending on the extent of work required. 
  2. The NHS does not offer full mouth rehabilitation routinely.
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