Health+ Programme

Our medical professionals work with you to address imbalances in your overall body functions to achieve optimal health.

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“70% of annual deaths are linked to diet and lifestyle-related diseases.”
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

We’ve created a 12-week Health+ programme to help you take control of your body. We begin by obtaining a 360-degree view of your health and well-being. Your dedicated Health+ Team, comprised of a wide range of medical professionals, then creates a tailored plan to identify areas for improvement and provide actionable steps to enhance your body’s physiological systems and your mental resilience. Read More >

In the past century, advances in medicine have helped decrease the number of people dying from diseases. However, there is a new problem emerging – more people are getting sick because of their dietary habits especially adopting a Western diet. While our bodies have naturally adapted over time, our modern way of life, including our diets and lifestyle, is causing health issues, despite the progress in medicine.

At GlobMed, we've integrated two healthcare approaches: Medicine 1.0, the fundamentals of healthcare, and modern medical knowledge and technology, referred to as Medicine 2.0. This integration has given rise to Medicine 3.0, where we offer our clients the best of both worlds.

The Health+ Programme Includes

  • A tailor-made Health+ Programme with an initial 90-minute consultation.
  • 3 Bi-weekly online 15-minute consultations over 6 weeks with your Health+ Specialist or
  • 6 Bi-weekly or 12-weekly online 15-minute consultations with your Health+ Specialist.
  • Blood, urine, and hormonal tests to identify 71 biomarkers.
  • Body composition analysis and interpretations of 22 key data points.
  • A comprehensive lab review performed by a General Practitioner.
  • An online 30-minute consultation with a Dietitian.
  • An online 15-minute consultation with a Personal Trainer.
  • A Health+ Programme assessment report to facilitate future decisions.
RRP: £2000.00
GlobMed Price
Save: £1120.00
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Introduction to Health+ Programme
Access medical solutions and achieve your health goals.

Simply contact us and our Health+ Consultant will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Health+ Specialist

Your Health+ Specialist will accompany you individually through your journey with weekly consultations to monitor your progress and adapt the programme to your needs. They will work with you to help with programme adherence, and behavioral modification to establish new habits that will help you achieve your desired goals.

Our Health+ Team will help you in overcoming health conditions by addressing nutritional deficiencies, significantly improving biomarkers, and ensuring optimal health.

Some conditions, such as cancer and heart disease have nonspecific initial symptoms and they are often only diagnosed in the later stages, when it might be too late. Early detection can save your life.

Health+ Programme Objectives

  • Improved nutrition
  • Enhanced fitness
  • Balanced hormones
  • Optimised gut health
  • Effective chronic condition management
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sexual and mental health
  • Improved muscle and skin elasticity
  • Effective detoxification
  • Restored immune response
  • Accelerated healing
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Meet the Health+ Team

Melissa Bosch
Registered Dietitian


Cape Town, South Africa


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Kyle Whitcher
Personal Trainer


Cape Town, South Africa


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Dr. Kirsty Veich
General Practitioner


Cape Town, South Africa


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Caitlin Parker
General Practicioner


Johannesburg, South Africa


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Medicine 3.0

Medicine 3.0 incorporates diverse cultural concepts to assist our clients in achieving excellent overall health in our rapidly changing world. Everything from skin conditions like rosacea to bone weakness, mental health, and even sexual health can impact people’s lives.

GlobMed programme development has drawn inspiration from accomplished doctors and other specialists in the field of medicine from renowned institutions.

Dr. David Sinclaire, Dr. Sara Gottfried – Harvard Medical School
Dr. Carmen Messerlian – Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
Andrew Huberman, Dr. Casey Means, Dr. Justin Sonnenburg - Stanford School of Medicine
Dr. Rob Lustig – MIT and Cornell University
Dr. Giles Yeo – University of Cambridge
Dr. Carlos Jaramilo – Yale University School of Medicine in the United States
Dr. Tim Spector - St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Dr. Rob Lustig – MIT and Cornell University
Dr. Matthew Walker – University of California, Berkley.
Dr. Daniel Amen - Oral Roberts University School of Medicine
Dr. Layne Norton – University of Illinois
Access medical solutions and achieve your health goals.

Simply contact us and our Health+ Consultant will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Health+ programme is open to adults aged 18+ and older who are seeking to improve their health and well-being through early detection, intervention, and comprehensive care for a wide range of health concerns and conditions, as well as to treat existing ones.

Consultations with Health+ Specialists will be conducted online, ensuring convenient and accessible interactions.

The Health+ Specialists will conduct 15-minute follow-up sessions where they address any concerns you may have and adjust your plan where required. Additionally, they will monitor your progress, and provide you with tailored support to keep you accountable for your health. 

Upon completing the programme, you'll have the option to extend it for an additional 12 weeks at a discounted price. Additionally, we offer maintenance plans and ongoing support options to help you sustain the progress you've achieved.

Medical professionals like endocrinologists, cardiologists, internal medicine doctors, and mental health professionals excel in their fields. A Health+ Specialist, with a strong foundation in functional medicine, specialises exclusively in overall wellness. They bring specialised training to address health-related challenges, focusing on holistic well-being, lifestyle modifications, and individualized plans tailored to your unique needs.

The interventions and recommendations provided to you are evidence-based, ensuring they are supported by scientific research and medical expertise.

You will have access to a wide range of additional resources, including weekly updates, newsletters, informative articles, recipe guides, exercise videos, lifestyle tips, and expert-led webinars/podcasts on various health-related topics.

Results will be emailed to you and your Health+ Specialist. Results will be available within 24hrs subject to Medical Diagnosis UK labs. 

The Health+ Programme is accessible beyond London; however, the quoted diagnostic prices apply only to services within London. There may be varying charges for services in other areas

You can use our booking feature to schedule a consultation with one of our Health+ Specialists, available for both same-day and next-day appointments, according to their calendar availability. Your consultation will include a comprehensive completion of the 90-minute Health+ questionnaire to ensure a thorough assessment. 

Refunds will not be issued for cancellations or non-attendance. Consultations will conclude punctually at the end of your appointment. If you arrive late, the consultation time may be shortened

To access the benefits of the Health+ programme, you can book a consultation with a Health+ Specialist. During your consultation, the Health+ Specialist will assess your individual needs and create a tailored programme for you.

“By using GlobMed, clients can have peace of mind that their case is dealt with personally. Our end-to-end support during your healthcare journey is a priority for us and comes at zero additional cost to the client.”

David Soffer, Co-founder