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Our medical professionals work with you to address hormonal imbalances and menopausal symptoms.

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Our 24-week Menopause+ programme creates a 360-degree plan that is individually tailored to support the optimal well-being by reducing symptoms; hot flushes, mood changes, mature acne, night sweats, sleep disturbances, anxiety, low libido, vaginal dryness, cognitive changes, incontinence, joint pain and urinary symptoms of women on their transformative journey through menopause. Read More >

This programme goes beyond conventional approaches, synergising the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals to strengthen the body’s physiological systems during menopause including bone health fortification, cardiovascular health, dermatological care, hormonal equilibrium, refined nutritional guidance, emotional cultivation, and graceful physical well-being.

According to The Journal of The North American Menopause Society:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity, healthy diet, and stress management, can help reduce the severity of menopause symptoms in about 60% of women.

The Menopause+ Programme Includes

  • A tailor-made Menopause+ programme with an initial 90-minute consultation
  • 12 Bi-weekly virtual 15-minute consultations with your Menopause+ Specialist
  • Blood, urine and hormonal tests to identify 69 biomarkers
  • Body composition analysis and interpretations of 22 key data points
  • A comprehensive lab review performed by a General Practitioner
  • A virtual 30-minute consultation with a Dietitian
  • A virtual 30-minute consultation with a Personal Trainer
  • A menopause+ assessment report to facilitate future decisions
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Save: £1750.00
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Introduction to
Menopause+ Programme

Your Menopause+ Specialist

A Menopause+ Specialist will accompany you individually through your journey with weekly consultations to monitor your progress, adapt the program for tailored results, and work with you on aspects such as programme adherence, behavioral modification to re-establish habit loops, and making programme adaptations to achieve your desired goals.

Our Menopause+ Team is trained to help you navigate the realm of menopause-related challenges and symptoms, addressing hormonal nuances, fortifying bone and cardiovascular health, enhancing sexual health, rectifying deficiencies, and orchestrating key biomarker improvements.

Access medical solutions and achieve your health goals.

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Menopause+ Programme Objectives

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Meet the Menopause+ Team

Melissa Bosch
Registered Dietitian


Cape Town, South Africa


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Caitlin Parker
General Practicioner


Johannesburg, South Africa


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Tal Ardenbaum
Women’s Health Specialist


Cape Town, South Africa


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Leilah Kirsten
Personal Trainer


Cape Town, South Africa


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Frequently Asked Questions

Perimenopause is the transition phase leading up to menopause, characterised by hormonal
changes while menstrual cycles haven’t ceased yet. This ends one year after the final menstrual
period. Menopause is a natural life stage marking the end of menstrual cycles and fertility. It’s a
result of hormonal changes, typically occurring around age 45 to 55.

Menopause is best viewed as a part of a continuum of life stages. A woman’s health entering
perimenopause is influenced by her past health, reproductive history, lifestyle, and environment.

The Menopause+ Programme is a holistic approach to navigate menopause. It provides expert
guidance and resources to help you manage weight gain, sexual and mental health, bone and
cardiovascular health, emotional and physical well-being, mature acne, changes in metabolism,
and to embrace this transition entirely.

Menopause symptoms include hot flushes, mood changes, mature acne, night sweats, sleep
disturbances, anxiety, low libido, vaginal dryness, cognitive changes, incontinence, joint pain and
urinary symptoms

Nutrition holds the power to impact menopausal symptoms positively. A balanced diet with whole
foods eases menopause-associated symptoms. Nutrients like calcium and vitamin D support
bone health. Decreasing caffeine and processed foods can help too.

HRT involves replacing declining hormones as diagnosed by you gynaecologist. It can help
manage symptoms, but suitability depends on individual health and preferences.

This can vary widely and depends on individual factors, such as the reason for starting HRT, the
type of HRT being use, and the specific heart health needs of the person. It is important to have
regular consultations with your healthcare provider to guide you on the appropriate duration of
HRT based on your individual circumstances.

Menopause increases osteoporosis and fracture risk due to loss of bone density. It also results in
weakening of the pelvic support structures, increasing the risk of pelvic organ prolapse. Regular
weight-bearing exercise, calcium, and vitamin D intake support bone health.

Pregnancy is possible during perimenopause, but the likelihood decreases. Birth control may be
needed if pregnancy isn’t desired. After menopause, a woman cannot become pregnant, except
in rare cases when specialised fertility treatments are used that involve the use of donor eggs or a
previously frozen embryo.

Yes, menopause can be induced through surgical removal of both ovaries or medical
interventions like radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Menopause affects bone, cardiovascular and urinary health, cognition, and overall well-being.
Prioritising health habits can mitigate potential risks.

Yes, the Menopause+ Programme is designed to cater to women in various stages, offering
guidance and support tailored to individual needs.

You can use our booking feature to schedule a consultation with one of our Menopause+
Specialists, available for both same-day and next-day appointments, according to their calendar
availability. Your consultation will include a comprehensive completion of the Menopause+
Questionnaire to ensure thorough assessment.

Refunds will not be issued for cancellations or non-attendance. Consultations will conclude
punctually at the end-time of your appointment. Should you arrive late, there will be less time
during the consultation.

To access the benefits of the Menopause+ Programme, you can book a consultation with a
Menopause+ Specialist. During your consultation, the Menopause+ Specialist will assess your
individual needs and create a tailored programme for you.

“By using GlobMed, clients can have peace of mind that their case is dealt with personally. Our end-to-end support during your healthcare journey is a priority for us and comes at zero additional cost to the client.”

David Soffer, co-founder