8 Reasons to Choose Private Healthcare

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Finding the right healthcare option for you and/or your loved ones is important, yet it can often seem daunting initially. There are many different important factors to consider, from costs, policies, to more. Finding the best private healthcare for your medical needs is key, and by choosing a private healthcare plan you'll be able to take advantage of the many benefits it brings. 


Is Private Healthcare Worth It? 

Making the move from public to private healthcare is becoming increasingly popular, yet you may still be unsure as to why this decision could improve your life. Read on to see 8 reasons why you should choose private healthcare, and how doing so could benefit not only your health but the quality of your everyday life. 


1. Private Rooms

The right private hospital can almost double as a hotel, thanks to higher quality patient care. Patients in private hospitals are treated like guests as they have the option to have private rooms, ensuite bathroom facilities, better hospital foods, as well as extra visitor room. Some high-end private hospitals even have additional services such as laundry and grooming services (for long-term patients) and more.


2. High-End Equipment

A recurring problem in public hospitals is the lack of best available tools and technology, often due to lack of funding. Because the NHS answers directly to the government, there is a much longer and more complicated process to receiving better machinery and tools. 

Meanwhile, private hospitals don’t need to go through these many checks. Hence, they always have access to the highest quality equipment, meaning patients can be treated sooner. 


3. Shorter Waiting Times

No matter what type of medical attention you need, a private hospital will be able to treat you pretty much immediately. Public hospitals always have the problem of waiting times, especially for things like surgeries, as you’ll most likely be placed on a long waiting list.

For example, the wait time for an oral surgery could be months or even a year, but with a private hospital the wait time could only be a small fraction of that time. Time is a valuable asset to all, and private hospitals will certainly provide you more. 


4. Reasonable Staff-to-Patient Ratio

In public hospitals, there are usually nurses assigned to a large number of patients, again leaving patients with the feeling of having to wait for basic care.

In private hospitals, there is a good staff-to-patient ratio and no such thing as nurses assigned to dozens (if not hundreds) of patients. 

Consequently, you may feel more comfortable and relaxed when staying in a private hospital. All of your basic needs, whether it be pre or post surgery will be attended to as quickly and efficiently as possible, thanks to the many staff on hand. 


5. Doctor Availability

Doctors in public hospitals are seeming more like an urban legend as the strain on the NHS becomes unbearable in recent times. In public hospitals, they are assigned a lot of different tasks, meetings and emergency duties.

 Private hospitals, in contrast, have the fluidity and time to focus purely on their patients and not other tasks and duties. Meaning, your visits to the hospital will be done in a timely manner and efficiently. 


6. Special Offers and Discounts

A lot of private health insurance companies often have special offers and deals for other products and services, such as gym memberships and health tech (e.g. FitBit). They do this as a sort of reward for health insurance payers staying healthy and on top of health targets, which in turn benefits you in a number of ways. 

This could be a great thing for you if you’d like to stay motivated, enjoy some extra rewards, and also feel that your money paid is worthwhile. 


7. Tax Savings

The way in which public health systems are structured and funded vary from different regions and countries, however, a lot of countries offer tax incentives for people to take out private healthcare.

For example, in Australia, people who hold an appropriate level of private hospital cover can receive an exemption from having to pay a public health levy, also known as Medicare Levy Surcharge. 


8. To Ease Pressure on the Public Health System

If you’re in the financial position to take out private healthcare, then doing so will certainly help put less strain on public health systems, like the NHS. With many governments under increasing pressure to cater for populations, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic, many systems are struggling to keep up with demand.

By reducing the strain on the public health system, it frees up funds to upgrade hospitals and benefit the wider community. 


How to Get Private Healthcare? 

Having read our list of 8 reasons why private healthcare is great, you may now be wondering how you can get it. Typically, you should visit your GP who you can tell that you’re interested in taking out private healthcare. A GP will also be able to view your medical history and make a better judgment if private healthcare is a good option for you based on your medical needs. They will then refer you to a private healthcare service, to which you can get started with. 

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