How to Skip Months On Waiting Lists for Your Medical Needs Using GlobMed

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The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated pressures on Public Health Systems and exacerbated stories of patients having to wait months, sometimes even years, for treatments, surgeries, and assessments. Despite many healthcare conditions requiring prompt intervention, waiting times in the UK and across the globe have become so overwhelming that some people have given up on getting care altogether or have attempted to access medical practitioners abroad with the risk of falling into the wrong hands.What if there was an affordable way to access the Healthcare you need without joining waiting lists or compromising on quality?

Fast-Track Access to Healthcare With GlobMed 

As the first truly Global Healthcare On-Demand provider, we bring a new approach to healthcare and we believe that your healthcare needs should not be limited to local offerings or subject to institutional guidelines with a one-size-fits-all approach. By utilising existing private medical capacity in one country and matching it with unmet demand for healthcare in another, we provide quick and safe access to quality care in 5 different countries, when you need it and at a price you can afford.

Step 1. Book your free consultation

You can do this by filling up our quick online questionnaire or by requesting a call-back from a member of our team.  

Once the form has been completed, we assign you a UK-based personal Healthcare Manager who will go through your healthcare requirements and discuss how we can help you access the most effective medical solution, quickly and at the best value.

Step 2. Choose the option that most suits you

Your personal Healthcare Manager works in conjunction with a UK GP and various healthcare providers in the UK and abroad to identify and provide you with suitable options, tailored to your needs and circumstances. Following this, you can then make an informed decision and establish when, where and by who you want to be treated.

Step 3. Get treated and benefit from end-to-end support

From local-based assessments, diagnosis and pre-op procedures all the way to treatment, finance, logistics and aftercare, we are there with you along the journey. Your personal Healthcare Manager will be overseeing the process at all times and will be your consistent point of contact throughout.  We work for you and are always ready to step in, whenever you need us.

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How Does GlobMed’s Healthcare On-Demand Service Work?

Our Healthcare On-Demand Services have been built to ensure that you can access the right treatment at the right time, without the need to join a waiting list, the obligation to hold private medical insurance or the commitment to unneeded recurring payments. From UK-based assessments, tests, and pre-op procedures, all the way to travel, logistics, and legal considerations, our local/global team is ready to step in whenever and wherever you need us, providing you with quick, safe and affordable alternatives to accessing healthcare. 

Who Can Use GlobMed’s Healthcare On-Demand Service?

No matter who you are or where in the world you are, at GlobMed we believe the best healthcare should be accessible to everyone. Whether you have a complex, pre-existing or recurring medical condition or you are simply struggling to find a suitable solution for your medical needs, our Healthcare On-Demand Service provides you with bespoke access to world-class specialists, innovative healthcare companies and local practitioners. 

Access the right treatment at the right time.

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Access medical solutions and achieve your health goals.

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