Fertility drugs are often the first step when it comes to fertility treatment for couples who are struggling to conceive, due to infertility of any kind. If you are facing fertility issues, your first thought may be to consider what medicines are available to help you as well as what are the costs to come […]
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Getting fertility treatments on the NHS can be a complicated process and it is not a routine type of treatment offered by the NHS, in the same way other treatments such as orthopaedics or oncology are. The first step is to find out what is available and if you are eligible, but unfortunately, this is […]
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Telemedicine, also referred to as Virtual Healthcare, is the application of medicine using technology to deliver care. Usually, a physician or medical professional will use a telecommunications infrastructure to deliver care to a patient who is either at home or somewhere separate from the physician. Telemedicine is a tool which makes healthcare more accessible, cost-effective […]
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It’s safe to say that the world was in no way prepared for the coronavirus pandemic – healthcare services were left scrambling to pick up the pieces, the NHS being brought to its knees under the weight of the nation in the UK. Many different private healthcare clinics stepped in to support the NHS, and […]
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The introduction of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in the UK has started off very successfully, largely thanks to the hardworking NHS staff (and other medical staff) that have worked tirelessly, from the unexpected introduction of the global pandemic all the way until now. The coronavirus vaccines are safe and effective, and currently give the best […]
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