What Are Dental Records and How Do They Work?

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A dental record is a detailed list of the dental history of a patient. This includes past and present illnesses, all clinical examinations and diagnoses made, all dental treatments undertaken by a dentist on a patient and the outcomes of the treatments.

It may include the documentation of some past and present medical issues, such as nutritional, vitamin or mineral deficiencies (for example lactose, dairy, intolerances or eating disorders affecting the dentine) or past diseases such as cancers or digestive diseases, which may impact the health of your teeth.

A comprehensive dental record will also include all medications given to a patient, both past and present, as these may impact dental health. It will note if a patient is taking anti-inflammatories such as NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), aspirin or ibuprofen or even painkillers like paracetamol as these will impact the pain the patient is experiencing.

Patient dental records will also note if the patient has been given steroid medications in the past or present (as these drugs can impact the strength of bones, including the jawbone of the mouth), as well as any other medication potentially affecting blood flow to the mouth, tooth and bone strength and gum health.

Why Are Dental Records Important?

It is only by examining the past with regards to dental records and general medical history that a dentist, much like any medical expert and professional is properly able to make the most comprehensive current dental diagnosis. To give you the best care, they must investigate all the evidence they have available.

This includes the current status of your teeth following a face-to-face dental examination in the dentist chair. Additionally, they will look at your dental records to see what treatments; both dental and medical as well as what medical and dental-related issues you have had in the past, which may impact your current dental health.

They can also use the dental history of a patient to work towards preventing dental malpractice, with clear records preventing the repetition of treatments that were unsuccessful in the past, or the present prescription of a medication that a patient may be allergic to.

The UK Care Quality Commission (CQC) has fundamental criteria which ensures that, to minimise risk in treatment and ensure the best quality of care is given, all dentists on their registers complete detailed dental profiles for all patients under their care.

The more detailed the profile, the less chance there is for a mistake to be made when dental treatment is required and the most certain a dentist can be with regards dental diagnoses.

How Can Sharing Dental Records Prevent Future Dental Issues?

When you change dentists, is it essential that you bring with you your full dental records and a comprehensive list of your current dental symptoms.

The more detailed patient dental records are, the more informed the new dentist will be and therefore the better the quality of treatment. Dental records also can help a dentist prescribe changes to their patient’s current dental regime that will improve the patient’s dental hygiene and help prevent future dental diseases.

The health and appearance of your teeth can play a vital role in any person’s daily life and their overall wellbeing and enjoyment in their daily life as well as their self-esteem. The condition of one’s teeth can ultimately affect their nutritional status, their relationship status, their job prospects (with a more attractive smile being shown to enhance salary progression) and dental pain and toothache can even incapacitate an individual.

Dental records can help with dentist check-ups, to ensure the early interventions are introduced that can help with the essential prevention of tooth decay.

Will Sharing My Dental Records Be a Breach of My Personal Data?

Despite the fact that without comprehensive dental records, a dentist cannot make an effective dental diagnosis and comprehensively treat a patient, many people worry that sharing their dental records will somehow be a breach of their private and personal information.

However, patients must be assured that as long they are working with a reputable dentist from a professional practice, by law, all their dental record information must be protected. Under the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, all data including dental records, must be kept securely. This means records must be contemporaneous and dated, accurate and comprehensive, signed by the dentist, strictly necessary for purpose and shared only at the patient’s permission.

How Can GlobMed Help Me to Protect My Health Information and Stay Healthy?

At GlobMed we only work with dentists we have specifically selected based upon their adherence to our clear high standards of practice, which includes protection of our patient’s private information.

We provide the best access to dental care, both in the UK and abroad. At GlobMed, we are proud to have a strong UK medical base under the protections of UK law. We have an in-depth understanding of the British private healthcare system, which is able to boast some of the best dentists and dental experts in the world.

In addition, the UK's position as a leading force in global medical technologies allows us to work with some of the world's best doctors and scientists based right here in the UK.

We are also aware that location and geography should never limit your healthcare options, and so we work with our UK team and healthcare managers, to carefully pick out expert worldwide teams and we ensure that they offer the most professional standards of care.

These professionals will only use your dental records under your permission, to ensure the best quality and outcome of care.

How Can GlobMed Help With Dental Problems?

If you are currently suffering from poor dental health and are in need of treatment, GlobMed can ensure that you access the best team, both UK and abroad, to help ease your pain and restore your smile. Our network of dental experts and professionals will examine your dental records and teeth to ensure that they provide a tailored, supportive, and financially responsible dental package that will meet your specific requirements. We always go further to care for you.

Access medical solutions and achieve your health goals.

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