What Does A Paediatrician Do?

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Paediatricians, or paediatric doctors, are medical professionals who specialise in treating children from birth until adolescence. They provide care for a wide range of medical issues, including injuries, illnesses, diseases, and routine checkups. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that children are healthy and happy, both physically and emotionally.

Who Do Paediatricians Treat?

Paediatricians treat infants, children, and young people ranging from babies all the way to teenagers. Typically, teenagers will see a paediatrician up until the age of 18 though they can often be referred to specialists for treatment or further assessment.

As children's bodies are different to that of an adult, paediatricians are trained on the anatomy of young people and are able to identify conditions which may affect them in a more severe manner compared to fully grown adults. From coughs to hormonal problems and developmental issues, there is a range of conditions that paediatricians can help manage and treat.

What Do Paediatricians Study To Qualify?

To become a paediatrician in the UK, one must complete medical school, followed by a residency in paediatrics which generally lasts three years. During their residency, paediatricians gain hands-on experience working with children and infants in a variety of medical settings. After completing their residency, they can also choose to pursue further sub-specialisations such as cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, haematology-oncology, and neurology, among others.

What Do Paediatricians Do?

In general, paediatricians are responsible for conducting routine checkups on children. They assess their growth, development and mental health as well as their physical health. During these checkups, paediatricians will evaluate children's vision, hearing, height, weight, and overall organ function. If these evaluations reveal any abnormalities, the paediatrician will order further tests to determine the cause and prescribe the necessary treatment.


Paediatricians provide preventive healthcare services, diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries, and monitor children's growth and development. They play a significant role in providing immunisation schedules, nutrition counselling, and parenting education to families.


Paediatricians collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, therapists, and social workers, to provide holistic care to children with complex medical conditions. They also work with schools and community organizations to promote health education and preventive care programs.


Paediatricians must have exceptional communication skills to effectively communicate with children and their parents or guardians. They must also have strong problem-solving skills to diagnose and treat complex medical conditions in children.

What Do Paediatricians Treat?

Paediatricians also provide consultations and treatments for a wide variety of illnesses. They may treat children with asthma, allergies, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. They diagnose infectious and non-infectious diseases, including respiratory illnesses, strep throat, bacterial infections, and viruses such as influenza. If necessary, they can refer their patients to specialist doctors for further treatment.

Equipped To Handle Emergencies

Paediatricians are also trained to handle emergency medical situations such as accidents, injuries, fever, vomiting, and dehydration. They are experts in managing critical care issues and serving as the first point of contact if a child needs to be hospitalized. Paediatricians are responsible for collaborating with a team of healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care to their patients.

Focus On Preventative Care

Beyond the medical treatment of children, paediatricians also provide preventative care. They educate parents and caregivers on how to maintain the overall health of their children, such as proper hygiene, vaccination schedules, and nutrition. Paediatricians may also provide counselling services for children and their families, especially in cases of mental health and behavioural issues. Paediatricians understand the complexities of children's emotional needs and work to ensure that they receive the necessary support for optimal mental health.

Experts In Children’s Development And Milestones

Paediatricians play a vital role in helping children develop into healthy and resilient adults by ensuring their physical and emotional well-being. They help children stay on track with their developmental milestones, such as motor skills, speech, and language acquisition. In the event of any developmental delays or behavioural issues, paediatricians work with parents to provide referrals and coordinate care with specialist providers.


Pediatricians also oversee the administration of vaccines to protect children from serious illnesses. They may also work in schools, community health centres, and other public facilities to help improve the overall health of local populations. They participate in research and clinical trials that help advance the field of paediatrics and provide insights into best healthcare practices for children.

Paediatricians: Best Children’s Doctor

Paediatricians are vital to ensuring the health and well-being of children. They diagnose and treat diseases and provide comprehensive care for common ailments. They also play a crucial role in preventing illnesses and ensuring that children reach their developmental milestones. Paediatricians work closely with parents, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals to ensure that children receive high-quality healthcare services and are supported in every aspect of their lives. Their work is critical to the physical and emotional well-being of children and their development into healthy, happy adults.

Paediatricians ultimately play a crucial role in promoting the health and well-being of children. They work collaboratively with parents, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals to ensure that children receive high-quality healthcare services and support in all aspects of their lives.

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